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How much should a B2B Website Cost for Your Business

Whether you are a self-employed one man show, or an international, publicly traded company, understanding B2B website cost can be a challenge. You need a site that supports your business, brand, and acts as the catalyst to growing your business.From large, 1000+ page sites, to 5 page overviews or mini-sites,… Read More

Posted by Ben Wiese
Top 3 Tips to Creating a Landing Page that Converts

Creating a landing page should not be a guessing game Believe it or not, there are tried and true methods that will lead to a better converting landing page.  That’s not to say there aren’t many areas to consider, and because of that many people can get confused when they… Read More

Posted by Josh Harris
MPF Launch – Setting the Standard in a Niche Market

MPF launch of new website focused on converting 100+ page catalog to a user friendly website. We then moved into the active marketing and SEO on this project, let’s take a look at the challenges, processes and results thus far and the actual build. Existing site & challenges MPF is… Read More

Posted by Ben Wiese
3 Important Tips to Improve Your B2B Website

For many B2B companies a real challenge is finding out what can be done to improve your site’s functionality and ultimately get more sales.  The web is full of tips to get the latest sliding menu or gradient background.  With B2C websites there is a “coolness” factor that must be… Read More

Posted by Josh Harris
Download the free RAMP Lead Generation Toolkit

Download the free RAMP Lead Generation toolkit to discover… Wish there was a way to guarantee that your sales process would turn produce qualified, sales ready leads? Do your marketing campaigns seem to be inconsistent depending on the focus of your sales team? Now, there is a way for marketing… Read More

Posted by Ben Wiese
The future – mobile, apps, marketing, life in general

Shame on me for not posting this last week when I originally got it together. Would have been ‘amazing’ with the 4Gs release…. In Vegas, we had one of the chief digital strategist speak as keynote at WSI E&I 2011. He talked about the future and specifically how to predict… Read More

Posted by Ben Wiese
New Look, Improved Conversion, and Lead Followup – Asher Strategies Redesign

Earlier this week we launched the redesigned http://www.asherstrategies.com Here are some of the highlights: New Design – Cleaner, modern, faster   Updated the look while staying within their existing brand, and adding a cleaner more modern flair to the design: Removed the navigational flash and homepage flash for improved SEO,… Read More

Posted by Ben Wiese
BP Damage Control via Facebook

Are BP using Facebook successfully for damage control?

Posted by Carol Mejia
CSS Tips and Tricks – CSS Only Rounded Corners (no images used)

As a web developer one of my prime responsibilities is making sure our designs and code work throughout most major internet browsers.  This to me always seemed like such the daunting task and sometimes, it still is.  I’ve moved from full table designs to the wonderful table-less designs created through… Read More

Posted by Ben Wiese

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