What is the CAN-SPAM Law?

Compared to other countries the United States has a very lenient law regarding sending commercial, non-transactional email messages.  There are, however, three simple and clear rules that should always be adhered to avoid breaking the CAN-SPAM Law: Unsubscribe Compliance: Every email should have a visible unsubscribe method. All unsubscribe requests should be honored within 10 […]

Embed your Formstack forms into Dot Net Nuke

Simple to Follow Steps to Embed Formstack Forms into Dot Net Nuke As a business to business company we tend to work with numerous content management systems such as Efusion or Dot Net Nuke.  We also tend to work with different types of form software making each project potentially much different than the project before […]

10 Completely Counter-Intuitive Tips to Close More Sales

Chasing sales can be a thankless task. Use these 10 tips to help you save time, reduce your stress, and close more sales. 1. Throw out 50% of your leads Every salesperson chases too many unqualified leads. Most know right from the start that a lead won’t be good for them or their company, yet […]

Google Secures User Searches – B2B companies get burned?

Google’s announced a move toward secure searches on an October 18th, 2011 blog post which sounds great at first (“Hey, more security is always better”). They will automatically redirect users to a secure SSL page if they are logged into their google accounts. This currently only accounts for 7% of all Google searches but Google […]

The future – mobile, apps, marketing, life in general

Shame on me for not posting this last week when I originally got it together. Would have been ‘amazing’ with the 4Gs release…. In Vegas, we had one of the chief digital strategist speak as keynote at WSI E&I 2011. He talked about the future and specifically how to predict the future without predicting the […]

Split Testing Emails; Why You Should And How It Can Help

I know you’ve heard this over and over again about split testing but I can not stress enough how important it is to constantly fine tune your email marketing campaigns in order to improve them. Below is a list of suggestions to get you started.  It is by no means a complete list and can […]

How QR Code Marketing Can Boost Your Product Launch

How QR Code Marketing Can Dramatize Your New Product Introduction   Mako Boats uses QR Codes and Video to turn its PRINT AD into multimedia!!!   Here is a new magazine ad for Mako’s new 18 ft. bay boat. The QR code read with your iPhone, Android, or iPad goes directly to a web-hosted video […]

Three Tips to Improve Email Open-Rate

Everyone (in the email marketing industry) is always talking about Open Rate and how to improve it.  As we have already discussed in ‘What Exactly is Email Open Rate and How is it Measured?’ open rate isn’t always as straightforward and easy to measure as we would like.  That being said it is still an […]

So, You Have WordPress Installed…Now What?

My Top Five Favorite WordPress Plugins after the initial install. I’ve been lucky enough over the last few years to get my hands dirty with several web content management systems.  We dabble in Dot Net Nuke, Efusion and WordPress.   WordPress is of course one of the most flexible blogging platforms around with tons and tons […]

Need Good SEO/PPC Content Ideas for Your Product or Service? Try This.

One of the great challenges as a SEO or even pay per click campaign matures is to keep expanding the articles to reach as many people as possible. A business may look at the results in google’s keyword tool for their most-prized keywords and believe they are limited as to the number of potential clients/customers […]

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