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This is the first of subsequent posts of a 1 hour website redesign. If you’d like a quick new design for your company or website, please let us know.

The goals of the 1 Hour Website Redesign are:

Note: No search engine optimization is included in this review. For another day.

In the first installment we examine the Kansas City Symphony website. (Author’s note: My wife works for the symphony, so I have a solid understanding of their main goals/challenges, and her boss was sporty enough to let me give it a go.)

They are currently in the process of a redevelopment, so it seemed like a perfect time to examine what’s working and what’s not on the site.

In the first five minutes we take a review and examine:



The Symphony Redesign

Being the first one of these I’ve tried, it was more of a challenge than anticipated. No research, no business understanding, no client meetings, no client preferences, etc. Typically, having this arsenal of information makes the design process go much smoother.

Note: The main photo is not of the Kansas City Symphony, just a stock photo pulled from the Internet.

The Redesign Explained

Basically reversing the weaknesses from above I tried to:

About the Darker Design

I’m typically not a fan of darker sites, however with most events happening in the evening, and the symphony usually represents ‘a night out on the town’, the blacks make sense. Combined with the purple of their branding, it enhanced the ‘classiness’ of the site. Note: This design would need some work for the interior pages as we would never revers out any amount of body copy.

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