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How we really get Customers

May 18, 2006

How do you close the deal with a shopper over the Internet, turning them into a customer? Many companies slip into “happy talk” mode saying that “its our outstanding customer service”. Sorry folks, but that is after-the-fact. We need a strong USP that is directly measurable. The following is an excerpt from Karon Thackston that shows some ways that we can truly differentiate ourselves from the competition in saturated markets.
Making It Easy for Customers To Choose You by Karon Thackston © 2006, All Rights Reserved
  • Offer free shipping (on all orders or on orders over a certain amount).
  • Increase your inventory.
  • Decrease your inventory and carry only specialty items.
  • Lower your prices.
  • Raise your prices (works well for premium goods & services).
  • Increase your area of expertise (for service-based businesses).
  • Specialize or narrow your niche.
  • Achieve ratings or rankings from well-known associations or organizations.
  • Apply for a patent.
  • Win awards.
  • Offer a customer-loyalty program.
  • Conduct an online survey of your visitors to ask what they want. ( is great for this.)
  • Look back over your complaints and other feedback for ideas about how to set yourself apart. Email existing customers (if you have their permission to do so) and ask them why they chose you.

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