B2B Email Marketing That Targets Your Customers

B2B Email Marketing keeps your leads warm and your company top of mind with your current customers. Email is still thriving in the midst of social media and mobile internet usage. It is interactive, inexpensive and the results are measurable. Despite concerns about spam, email is still one of your customers’ preferred medium for receiving information and news about products, services, and events.

The keys to success include:

  • use a permission based list
  • providing value with every email
  • find the right frequency and content that allows you to create “anticipation” and “opens”
  • grow your list with contacts who want to hear from you
  • segment your list to better reach your audience
  • make it easier for prospects to take the next step: join your list, respond to your email, make a purchase, and recommend you to colleagues. If you do not continuously improve the processes that generate these results, you are leaving money on the table.

You should also avoid:

  • putting the wrong people in charge of managing and sending your campaigns
  • sending ad hoc campaigns that are not compelling or timely
  • misjudging how filtering technologies, blacklisting, and government regulations work
  • if you are not working hard at growing your list, it will wither and not be the valuable asset to your company it should be

A well though out email marketing campaign should:

  • forge an effective email marketing strategy
  • implement the best email marketing service provider for your unique needs
  • create or redesign your email newsletter
  • design campaigns that speak to your target audience
  • manage your campaigns and publishing schedule
  • improve your deliverability
  • build your list
b2b email marketing

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