Social Media Marketing for B2B Connects You Directly with Customers to Grow Your Business

You Need To Leverage Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business

Consider the evolution of social media marketing:

  • 100 years ago, almost all commerce was face to face and one on one
  • 50 years ago, large corporations became the norm and there was often a wall erected between company and customers
  • corporations blasted their messages out with TV, Radio and Print ads
  • 99% of communications was one way – out
  • consumers had no voice and limited ways to communicate their opinions
  • now with the Internet connecting millions of customers to each other through social media, consumers have a strong voice with Blogs, U-Tube videos and many more outlets
  • consumers ARE talking to each other
  • if you (the corporation) leaves the wall up, YOU will be the one left out

So, in its simplest form, Social Media Marketing is just breaking down those walls and joining the conversation about your company that is already going on out in the Social Media world.

Sounds “Scary” but consider these benefits:

  • be where customers are discussing your products and services
  • drive traffic to your website
  • build relationships and get real feedback
  • hear what your customers have to say, it will make you a better company
  • once you are trusted, you have a group who wants to hear what’s new from your company
  • your marketing ROI is significantly higher by talking to customers who want to hear
  • branding by helping and educating, not blasting a cute message to the masses

Here are the tools that can help you get the most from this dynamic new marketing media:

  • blog creation and training
  • blogging research to lay the strategy for who to blog with
  • social Media page and group creation (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and many more)
  • driving friends to your social sites
  • conversion tools for social sites to generate action
  • outsourced blog posts to manage your message (not a substitute for your people, but an add-on)
  • analytics and testing
  • permission based relationship building technique training
  • YouTube marketing
  • opinion marketing and feedback
  • article marketing

We have an experienced team applying these new tools to Social Media Marketing for B2B businesses. Just the solution you need in these fast moving times.

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