Why You Need More Than a B2B SEO Agency

Posted by Kamesh Goud on June 16th, 2014

B2B SEO AgencyCustomers are changing the way they behavior online. Customers are researching more on the internet before they make any buying decision. With the Internet playing a bigger part in the decision making process it becomes even more important for B2B businesses to have a strong online presence. Do not make the mistake of considering a good website as strong web presence. A powerful online presence means you can be found in the buying cycle of your prospective customers, in places they might be looking for solutions to their problems. That’s where a good B2B SEO Agency can help.

What a B2B SEO Agency Does

The job of a B2B SEO agency is to identify problem areas of a website and recommend and implement suggestions to make them friendly to search engines. Search engines read keywords on a website and try to get a snapshot presented by the website through means of text, images, and videos.

Core areas expertise of a B2B SEO Agency are:

  • Identify the correct keywords related to a business
  • Analyze the website architecture for user friendliness and search engines friendliness•Analyze content for quality and effectiveness
  • Recommend changes to content to include the right kind of keywords, key-phrases, synonyms & other keyword variations
  • Check for errors in webmastertools to find problem areas & fix the errors
  • Provide supporting files such as robots.txt, sitemap.xml, etc.
  • Identify trending topics in the industry to develop blogs, articles, whitepapers, videos, and other useful resources
  • Gain backlinks to relevant sections of the site in legitimate ways

Although all these points can lead a website from good to great they do not necessarily ensure you leverage all the other online methods of promotions. This is why you need more than a B2B SEO agency.

Traits of complete B2B Internet Marketing Agency

When talking about leveraging all the online promotional channels, we need to move beyond a B2B SEO agency to a complete Internet Marketing Agency.Core areas of a B2B Internet Marketing agency:

  • All the activities and processes followed by a B2B SEO Agency as mentioned in above
  • Email marketing to send out important newsletters and promotional content
  • PPC marketing to get found for the right kind of keywords via paid methods
  • Social Media Marketing to send out important announcements, engage with the community and build an authority
  • Video marketing to target consumers who are looking for information in video format
  • Marketing Automation to target customers based on their interactions with the website
  • Re-targeting advertising to influence customers even if they do not convert once they arrive on a website

A complete B2B Marketing Agency will ensure you have a clearly defined strategy and you employ all the promotional channels to a collective goal. A complete agency will make sure you develops all the content, media, and graphics required to make your marketing campaign effective and providing the best ROI for your efforts.

For more information on how a B2B Internet Marketing Agency can help with your overall Marketing Goals drop us a line or give us a call.

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