In the marketing industry, the goal is to make clients really stand out by developing a targeted strategy that exploits every digital marketing opportunity. At WSI B2B Marketing we know that to some, that might seem easier said than done, especially for a niche industry like the marine sector. However, our experience in both the manufacturing and medical device industries gives us unique insight into what it takes to keep up with the competition in a niche industry.

Developing a Strategy 

One of the first components of any successful targeted marketing plan, regardless of the industry, is creating a strategy that helps you reach your goals. But a winning marketing strategy in a niche industry will need to be even more targeted and unique because it revolves around differentiation, the things that set you apart from your competitors. So, how is this done? Well, first, your team of marketing professionals will highlight the unique benefits of your product, then tease out the reasons why one consumer would want to choose your offering over another company’s.

Some of the leading things that could potentially differentiate your products/services from the next marine company are things like the type of customer service you provide or something that makes your watercraft’s finish stand out from other boat manufacturers; anything that’s different or that goes above and beyond. Do you offer around-the-clock customer service or support? This can be something that others don’t offer and needs to be highlighted since it’s unique. Did you start out handmaking your products, or grow up on the water? Again, these are strengths that make you different from others and can give customers more insight into where your brand came from and what you stand for.

The best way to determine the right strategy is to simply ask yourself: in a saturated market, why would anyone want to select my product instead of all the others? If you can come up with a few distinct answers, you’re well on your way to outlining a targeted marketing strategy.

Six Steps

Don’t Get Hung Up On Pricing 

Those selling the same items as many others on the market might immediately seek to differentiate their products/services by dropping prices, but this is a strategy that should be avoided. Of course, competitive pricing, if done properly, can be a boon to your business and generate a buzz. However, it doesn’t really hold water as a long-term strategy. Many have a misguided impression that the lowest price always gets the sale, but this just simply isn’t true.

Piggybacking off of our talk about differentiators above, you’ll need to rely on what we refer to as “durable differentiators” that can’t be easily mimicked by competitors. Unfortunately, having low prices is a strategy any competitor can easily duplicate, a good example of this being the wide variety of chains and big box stores that frequently offer blowout prices.

However, you can combine competitive pricing with other things, to make a differentiated pair of offerings consumers find attractive. For example, those that sell life vests and jackets can offer a discount to those who bring in their old ones to be recycled. This can make your vests more attractive to customers that also want to do want they can to help the environment.

Beware of Negative Differentiation 

We know, we know…you’ve had enough of the word “differentiation.” This is the last time, we promise. One important thing about differentiation is that the door swings both ways, meaning there’s positive and negative differentiation. Negative differentiation is when you’re singled out for not having offerings that are commonly available in the marine market. This could be anything based on current market trends that simply isn’t up to standards, for example, the number of years a particular warranty lasts or the industry-standard manufacturing specs for a particular yacht.

Of course, there can be giving too much away, so there’s a delicate balance that B2B businesses and marketing agencies have to reach, one which should always weigh heavier on the positive differentiation side.

Get Noticed or Get Left in the Dust 

Nowadays, it’s easy to get left in the dust without realizing it, especially with the advent of so much new technology coming out every week, as well as the regular tweaks search engines make. So if you don’t have a working strategy when it comes to B2B marketing in the marine industry, you’re likely to be left behind pretty quickly.

One of the benefits of differentiating yourself in the market is that by doing so, you’ll also get to know your brand more intimately, becoming greater acquainted with your company’s key values.

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For those in need of B2B marine marketing, WSI B2B Marketing can help set you apart from your competition. We can create a targeted marketing approach suited to your specific needs and expectations. What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to share your company’s corporate vision with? WSI B2B Marketing can help you find the answers to these questions and use that insight to create campaigns that generate proven results.

Our comprehensive marine marketing offerings include:

  • B2B Search Engine Optimizations (SEO): We provide services that offer the highest ROI on lead generation, keeping you competitive in the marine industry.
  • Custom B2B Pay-Per-Click Advertising: WSI B2B Marketing creates campaigns that are extremely competitive and give you a great cost-per-click return.
  • B2B Website DesignThese days, it takes more than a URL and a basic landing page to catch the eye of customers. We help you optimize your website for multiple devices, create a reliable sales funnel, and more.
  • Email Marketing SolutionsYou can increase upsells and boost sales within your network through targeted email marketing campaigns.
  • Conversion Rate OptimizationHaving trouble working audience members through the funnel? We can help make it easier but optimizing your online offerings.
  • e-CommerceThese days, many businesses in the marine industry are having to boost their e-commerce offerings, as people continue to self-isolate and social distance during the pandemic.
  • Social Media MarketingWe generate programs that help pull at the heartstrings of your ideal consumer. By connecting with your audience on social media platforms, you can increase the trust consumers have in your brand.
  • Conversion ArchitectureWSI B2B Marketing helps you take advantage of every piece of traffic on your website by making it easy for them to work their way through the sales funnel.
  • Business Insight ReportingThrough the use of innovative software, we can provide key insight into how specific campaigns are performing and where there’s room for improvement.

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