Our Proven Six-Step Digital Marketing B2B Lead Generation System

Our “Six Step” process is based on over 30 years of business growth experience and over 8 years refining our process by generating leads for real companies engaged in revenue growth. The SIX STEPS to “Internet Focused Sales Growth” are a proven formula to maximizing the power of the Internet in any business. We guarantee your success if we follow these simple but powerful six steps.

Six Steps

Strategy - It starts with a well-planned, targeted strategy based on your customer needs

Develop an Internet marketing strategy that flows from your business strategy and your overall marketing plan. Internet marketing is growing more complex every day and therefore has to be totally focused and consistent with your overall marketing.

We work with you and your marketing company to fully research the online lead generation options, make recommendations for what will work best, and integrate our b2b lead generation work with your other marketing initiatives.

Strategy Planning To Help You Grow

Drive Traffic - Discover and capture relevant potential customers showing intent for your service

Customers are searching online for what you sell, in most cases at least. Our job is to find those “qualified and interested potential customers” and drive that web traffic to your website or landing pages. These will be customers that are fully “pre-qualified”; they are looking for the products or services you sell. Some basic tools for this include:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization for high rankings
  • Paid Online Advertising – to drive traffic and directly deliver qualified leads
  • Integration with your social media campaigns
  • Integration with all traditional marketing (trade shows, print ads, etc.)
  • Industry partners and influencers that already have your market's attention

Drive More Pre-Qualified Traffic

Engage Prospects - Develop highly interactive valuable content to captivate your audience

This phase involves giving these potential customers visiting your website or landing pages an “interactive”, informative presentation of your marketing material. Just as if they walked in your office, you want to give them what they are looking for, tell them why you are the right choice to provide it, and generate a high-quality lead. Make it easy for them to find what they want and trust that you can deliver. Some basic tools Include:

  • New website development
  • Overhaul of existing website(s)
  • Landing pages for online advertising, email marketing, and integration with traditional offline marketing
  • Calculators, widgets, or any web feature that engages
  • Content development and information that is useful and educates

Provide What Your Prospects Want

Convert to Leads - Conversion optimization is the key to performance

This fourth step in our process is the most overlooked of all. Here you will provide interesting and strong calls to action on your website and landing pages that generate qualified leads. It’s part science and part art to entice a visitor to give you their contact information as early in their buying process as possible. We use a 39 – Item checklist to setup web pages so that visitors, if qualified, are converted to leads at a high rate.

Convert More Leads

Make Sales - Combining the sales team, sales cycle, CRM and buying process to turn leads into revenue

This part of the Internet sales growth process is most often lacking in other approaches. Internet leads, though qualified, are often not yet ready to buy. Buyer behavior has changed drastically over the last few years. Your sales team used to be the main provider of information and was able to engage prospective customers early in their buying process, the research stage. Now many customers conduct all their research online, well before your sales team is even aware they have a need.

Our conversion process (step 4) will provide you a steady list of interested and qualified leads. However, many of these will be doing research and be early in their buying cycle. You have to adapt to that and treat them differently than a “ready-to-buy” customer.

You have to bridge the gap from initial contact to fully ready to buy qualified sales opportunity. Some tools for this important step include:

  • Email follow-up using artificial intelligence (Funnel Optimization or Marketing Automation)
  • Monitoring individual lead activity on your website over a long period of time
  • Integration with your CRM system
  • Lead scoring for pushing “ready to buy” leads to your sales team

Integrate The Process To Make More Sales

Measure, Test, & Constantly Improve - We can improve only what we are tracking

It’s extremely rare to find an Internet Marketing campaign that will see instant success. It takes measuring results, testing alternatives, and using data based decision making to optimize online lead generation. Our last process involves the use of strong, business based metrics across all Internet marketing activities. Focusing on broad financially based business goals, like ROI, is our key to success for your top line growth.

This part of our process involves constantly testing everything including keywords, brand messaging, design layouts, keyword emphasis, colors, headlines, and calls to action. We go beyond the web analytics to develop true business decision input for your growth. We build on what works and that’s the real key to our success.

Use Past Results To Improve Future Performance

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