Do your website visitors convert to leads?

What would be the impact to your business if you could convert more?

Just consider the impact if you have 3000 visitors per month to your website. If your conversion rate is 2%, the B2B average, that’s 60 raw leads per month. If you could double that, it’s another 60 leads per month. If you close 10% of the leads, that 6 more sales per month.

It can be challenging and frustrating for business managers and marketing departments to actively work conversions when balancing all the other tasks on their plate. So often, management teams just care about traffic, or users per month. That’s where we step in.

Common problems we see when starting to work conversion for clients:

  • Few or NO leads being generated from your website
  • Sales team complaining leads that are generated are not qualified
  • Newly designed site that is lacking messaging and value propositions
  • High bounce rates, low time on site, and short depth of visit

Proven components to improving your conversion rates and delivering results

Before auditing your site and web properties, we work with you to develop a strategy that matches your existing marketing/business objectives to improve problem areas and increase website performance.

Understanding your visitors, needs, problems and how you can solve their problems

Success is driven by a keen (and quick) understanding of your business to deliver the information your customers yearn for and in turn deliver results. Through firstly developing an engaging, interactive website, we set the stage for conversion with relevant content.

Building websites, landing pages, and content with conversion up front

Starting with our 39-point checklist, we audit your site and score it’s convertibility to develop a ‘plan of attack’ with the most critical factors addressed first.

“Your website should be your most knowledgeable, best-dressed, smoothest talking sales person that tells customers exactly what they need to hear.”

Although unique to each client depending on their market, customer needs, and buying cycle, some of the page components that are worked include:

  • Value Proposition and messaging development
    • Benefits vs. features
    • Customer-centricity
    • Impactfulness
  • Product/service information
    • Product data for all buyer types and personalities
    • Case studies sample projects
  • Social validation
    • Testimonials, social media activity
    • 3rd party reviews and endorsements
    • Client lists
  • Clear, well-thought out call to actions
    • Form Optimization & testing
    • Low/high engagement
  • A/B Split testing
  • Usability testing/surveys
  • Offer/whitepaper development
  • Graphical look/feel
    • Contrasting ‘actions’ and color emphasis
    • Professional branded look
    • Strategically used images and graphical components

Develop powerful offers and resources that your customers ‘Need to Have’ and convert into leads

The messaging is right, the page is perfect, but if customers simply don’t find value in your offer, they will not convert.

A keen understanding of your customers and their buying process uncovers the type of information they need and value to identify need, research, and ultimately buy your product or service.

This can range from point-papers, product trials, demos, buying guides to highly sought-after industry research. Ideally, you’re continually delivering relevant, valuable information at all stages of the buying cycle and are integral as your relationship with your potential customer develops.

Testing & analytics to have your customers ‘Tell Us’ what they want

We’re not always right. We’ll be the first to admit it, but through A/B split testing strategies and using industry experience, we can lose less and lose faster. Page testing, site-wide testing, and advanced analytics helps us understand what is working, why, and how to improve. It also uncovers valuable data on how your customers perceive your brand, message, and offer, and what it will take to improve conversion rates.

Let’s Take a look at Your Site

Ready to get started and see the weak areas in your messaging and site to fill your sales funnel with qualified leads and improved customer engagement? Schedule your 15-minute consultation to get to know us and see if we’re a good fit for you company and can deliver the results you need.

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