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A Digital Marketing System for Manufacturers That Works!

Our integrated, custom online marketing approach principally focuses on inbound marketing. Based on extensive market research, competitive analysis, and “Internet Business Analysis”, we design the most efficient “unique” marketing system for you that will achieve your growth goals and support all your marketing and sales in the business.

We work closely with manufacturers to understand their core business strategy and customer profiles to help them:

  • Clearly say what they do
  • Differentiate what is unique in their business, products, and services
  • Be sure that they can deliver on their marketing messages and that their clients truly value the benefits they are highlighting

We bring pleasant user experiences to industrial manufacturing websites

The industry standard is still behind more modern-day “consumer focused” web presentations, but visitors expect it more and more.

B2B digital marketing for Manufacturing and related industrial companies is way different than consumer digital marketing. Some key differences are:

  • Steps to make a sale are a lot more complex, often involve teams of people, and can take months or years
  • There is deep dependence on technical data and being a resource in your market, BUT buying decisions are still made on things like first impressions (of your website), liking your culture, and those “old brain” stimuli that make people like you
  • Many manufacturing businesses are really hard to understand. That’s where we really shine. Our owner is a Mechanical Engineer by degree and has run manufacturing companies. It gives us a huge advantage for you.

We can help if you:

  • Are an industrial manufacturer who needs more qualified leads and you want to aggressively grow
  • Know people are looking for your products or services and your competition is getting that business
  • Value the ROI from an investment done right
  • Like partnering with other companies to build your business, you have the right attitude to work with a partner
  • Have tried marketing on your own or with other local “generalist” marketing firms without much luck

Recent Manufacturing Websites

Web design for OEM Stainless Steel Contract Manufacturer

Project summary Anderson Dahlen is a leading custom stainless steel OEM and Contract Manufacturing for food processing, Bio/Pharma, Nuclear, Industrial, and Vacuum industries. B2B Marketing built Anderson Dahlen a new, modern website, integrated two companies into one website with merged messaging, and established a strong lead generation system with Google Ad paid advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Email Marketing. Their growth has been very impressive. Visit Website

Web design for Medical Device Manufacturer

Project summary Iridex is the global leader in high-technology laser solutions for Retina and Glaucoma physicians. Their products offer the most non-invasive and safest solutions available. B2B Marketing has built their product-focused website for selling directly to physicians and established excellent website traffic flow, consistent conversion of visitors to leads, and a user-friendly interface to interact with doctors at trade shows and webinars for ongoing education. Additionally, B2B Marketing has built multiple related “patient-facing” websites to help educate the public on treatment options and the reasons to use an Iridex solution. Visit Website

ECommerce website for a Manufacturer

Project summary MPF is a world leader in “ceramic to metal” sealing. Their products range from hermetic cable seals all the way up to very sophisticated viewports for high pressure and vacuum applications. B2B marketing added a full-featured e-Commerce site to our already excellent website which had a full industrial catalog incorporated. MPF abandoned their paper catalog updates back in 2013, shortly after the website proved superior at the need. Visit Website
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