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Since the 1940’s, Anderson Dahlen has been a leading provider of custom stainless-steel fabrication. In 1978, the company was purchased by the Knoll family who has grown it from 10 employees focused on local Minneapolis MN work to be a USA-wide OEM Contract Manufacturer now. Their experience and extensive manufacturing facilities make them an OEM Systems provider now as well as a custom equipment systems provider in the food, pharma, bio, industrial, nuclear, and vacuum industries. When they became a client our team quickly set to work to totally overhaul their website from an out-of-date brochure site into a modern, lead generating system.

ADI before


ADI after


Increased online lead generation
Shortened sales cycle for most profitable products
Website is now a vital sales tool


Anderson Dahlen was running two separate companies, each with a legacy website developed over 4 years ago. The look was not up to the standards of their products at all.

Additionally, the site was not functional at generating leads in any way; it was just there because they had to have one.

The company knew it needed to add Internet Marketing to compete against the stiff competition and even more so if they were to make their aggressive growth goals the family had set.


Started with a new website designed to look professional, convert better and be very mobile friendly.

A modest Pay-per-Click advertising campaign was started to test the viability of Internet Marketing as we added pieces of the digital marketing campaign.

After early success, we integrated the website of the second company, Advanced Vacuum Technologies into the main Anderson Dahlen site. This forced some internal re-organization but dramatically improved the “large size” look of the company and added to their reputation as an integrated systems provider.


Redesigned the home page to make a dramatically different “business-like” look. Navigation was simplified, and product pages were made into hard-hitting sales pages with great copy and excellent calls to action. An ongoing improvement program is totally revising the look of the site for consistency and integrating the objectives into the growth plans.

We steadily added sections into the website for the highest priority, profitable parts of the business. An example was their sales and repairs of highly industrial sanitary pumps and heat exchangers. These were an afterthought until we gave them web exposure all over the USA and they started seeing $100K orders result from web leads.


Online lead generation went from essentially zero to a large factor in their business growth. Industrial steam ovens, a high-ticket item, now sell with a shortened sales cycle directly from web leads.

The website is now an integral part of their total sales processes. Salespeople and product engineers use it daily in their sales calls.

Internet Marketing has become an important part of their growth strategy and is changing the way the company does business.

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