Anderson Dahlen

Anderson Dahlen is a manufacturer of stainless-steel food, pharmaceutical, industrial and vacuum science processing systems based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They partnered with us in 2016 to help them grow more consistently and faster by bringing in “new” high value, long term customers.

WSI B2B Marketing has been a significant support to my personal and our company’s success over the last 10+ years. I’m very thankful for their partnership and the friendships we’ve developed.

- Perry Henderson, VP Marketing and Sales for Anderson Dahlen

Perry Henderson, VP Marketing and Sales for Anderson Dahlen, said in Sept 2020 when the company was sold to Gray Inc:

“B2B Marketing was a great partner and instrumental in our 2016 to 2020 growth that resulted in more than doubling revenue. Their work also helped attract the interest of our new parent company, resulting in a highly profitable sale of the company. Our investment in digital marketing and it’s alignment with our overall sales and marketing efforts had a significantly positive impact on these successes.”

The Challenges

Anderson Dahlen’s executive management consisted of a family-owned leadership team mostly trained as engineers and project managers. Knowing they needed to continue growing and diversifying to remain a healthy and strong company, they brought in a VP Sales and Marketing to develop and direct these efforts. He had us assess the competitive landscape and opportunity for digital marketing to drive new customer growth.

They knew they had a great production team and expanding capacity in their large facility but didn’t have a clear path to fill it with profitable new business. They lacked targeted focus on key industry verticals where their experience gave them a big advantage.

A marketing partner was going to be essential to understand their target markets and develop a strategy to craft the right messaging that would attract the “right” future customers.

Our Solution

We developed our Digital Marketing Blueprint for Anderson Dahlen over several months to learn all we could about their products, manufacturing capabilities, competition, and unique advantages in their markets. From the Blueprint, we worked together to design a growth-focused marketing plan that would accelerate new customer acquisitions.

Once they had a great PLAN, we started in on implementation of the following key digital marketing strategies:

Content to Be a Thought Leader in their Industry

We led Anderson Dahlen through aggressive content writing process that went resulted in them being a major thought leader for manufacturing ideas and processes in their industry. This resulted in high conversion rates for large complex jobs when prospects visited their website. It also drives thousands of new keyword rankings that drove highly qualified leads to their website.

Anderson Dahlen expanded the content development tools and techniques to include LinkedIn social media which proved to be another excellent source of new business for their custom engineered stainless steel processing systems and components.

Qualified Lead Generation with Inbound Marketing

We helped Anderson Dahlen grow their web visibility in search engines to drive the right kind and volume of traffic; prospects delivered organically. Paid traffic on both Google Ads and LinkedIn advertising was precisely targeted to reach large industries that needed what Anderson Dahlen manufactured but had never heard of them. “Account Based Marketing” was successfully used to deliver more work from Fortune 500 companies.

The Results

During the period 2016 to 2020, we helped Anderson Dahlen grow its top line revenue by over 200%. Each year over $15M of “new” business opportunities were delivered directly through digital marketing activity.

ADI before


ADI after


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