How our proposal process works

Get comfortable with each other as a good partner, understand your business so we can make smart recommendations, insure you understand your options and potential ROI from the multitude of possible digital marketing investments.

Step 1: B2B Digital Business Background

Our first step is a 15 to 30-minute phone call to answer these six questions:

  • What are your products and services?
  • Do you think potential customers look for them online?
  • Do you believe digital marketing can work to help you generate more leads, if done right?
  • What marketing and sales problems are you trying to solve?
  • What results are you looking to achieve?
  • Are we the right kind of company; partnering, nimble, focused on lead generation?

In this first conversation, we focus on the big picture; possible solutions and tactics come later. We need to get a feel that you have the ability to invest at some reasonable level to achieve the solid ROI we both expect Our prices are highly variable, so we no longer have a “pricing page”. Our expectation is to always deliver over 200% ROI over a 2-year period. Who should attend on your end? Just you is fine. Having a large team on this first meeting can be less than optimum. On our end, you’ll be talking with one of our company’s partners.

Step 2: Research Preparation Meeting

This is a short step that can be done as part of the initial meeting, or via email. If there are several people involved, a second meeting can be useful. We need to know these key points before we conduct about 4 hours of research into your current digital marketing position, competitive landscape online, and how customers are looking online for your products or services.

  • Your current sales and marketing efforts. Methods you are using now to generate leads.
  • Your ideal customer. What makes them look for you? What can you do for them that your competition can’t?
  • Your top 5 competitors.
  • 10 keyword phrases you think your customers would use online to search for your company if they were an ideal customer. Who should attend?

This can be the senior manager who is supporting our work. Bringing in someone familiar with sales and in marketing can be very beneficial in larger companies.

Step 3: Digital Business Research Presentation

In this meeting, we deliver 45 minutes of valuable research around your digital business positioning. You will leave with a great understanding of where you stand online vs. your competition, where the challenges are, and what good opportunities exist online to spur faster growth.

  • Digesting and organizing the insights we gathered during our Discovery Session.
  • Analyzing your existing website data (we request access to your Google Analytics account or install it for you if not yet up and running).
  • Investigating competitiveness of your online marketplace.
  • Diagnosing your strong and weak points across the core elements of your marketing and sales initiatives.
  • Identifying where we see opportunities and challenges.

During this meeting, we review and confirm your marketing objectives, share what we’ve learned from our research, present our general recommendations. This presentation is very visual, so if we’re not meeting in person, please plan to be in front of a computer so we can share our screen. Who should attend? We recommend the same group that attended the Discovery Session join in for this final meeting. That includes you, a member of both your sales and marketing teams, and someone in upper management. On our end, you’ll continue the conversation with the same team you’ve been meeting with.

Step 4: Project Possible Scope and Options Discussion

This is a meeting where we discuss your preferences for the scope of a possible digital marketing solution. You will have seen the detailed research and know where you stand. We will have a VERY good understanding of the challenges to getting great results for you. We can have a frank discussion about what parts of digital marketing you might want, if affordable, and which parts you just don’t think apply to you. We can help you with those decisions.

Step 5: Project Proposal with Options and Investment vs. ROI

At this stage, you now understand what we can do for you to bring in more leads and grow faster. We will put together two or three campaign options and the required investment to move forward. Your next step is to confirm the growth you need, and which options best meet your growth goals. Once you tell us which option (s) will work best for you, we will translate that into a condensed, written contract. At that point, we’re very excited about the possibility of working together. And of course, we hope you are too.

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