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3 Keys To Make Your B2B Landing Page Better

April 22, 2014

Landing pages can be made differently for different purposes, so the rules that may apply and work for one may not necessary produce the same results for your page, there is no exact recipe for making the perfect landing page. There are however some universal guidelines to follow that have been proven and are now considered best practices for b2b landing page design. The three key points below are some of the most important and often overlooked of those guidelines.

  1. Page Header and Content

    Be sure your header matches the content or focus of your landing page. It seems simple, but it can be easy to get off track when developing a header and end up with something that doesn’t compliment what your page is all about. A landing page header should entice the visitor to want to read more. Make it as catchy as possible, but be sure the reader isn’t thrown off when reading the content because the two don’t go together.
  2. Call To Actions

    The trick to a great call to action is doing a bit of research ahead of time. Find out what about your service or product interests your visitors the most. From there adding a few eye-catching phrases such as “new”, “free”, “learn more” or “download now” is all that is needed to make a great call to action for your landing page.
  3. Work Above the Fold

    Historically the bounce rate, or amount of time people visit landing pages and immediate leave, is incredible high. That means visitors are making decisions about your landing page and whether to read more, in just a few seconds. This short amount of time your visitors are taking to make decisions about your page does not include them doing any scrolling. The most important information, and certainly the call to action, needs to be above the fold. That means on the screen when visitors first land on your page without the need to scroll down. This is generally the top third portion of your page.

And remember, the development of your landing page doesn’t stop after you’ve completed the build. To have a truly successful landing page you must continue to test variations of your page to improve your conversion metrics.

For more information on building a B2B landing page that works, drop us a line or give us a call (866) 731-2271.

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