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September 1, 2007

We are proud to be partnering with Sea and Shell of Charleston, SC to announce the relaunch of their website. Marilyn Reeves of Sea and Shell is an ongoing exploration of the products that come from the ocean, including magnificent collector shells, craft shells, and several items derived from the oceanic bounty. The store has expanded to include a wide range of nautically-themed home accents. Sea & Shell was founded in 1999 and born from a passion for the sea and is located on the corner of North Market Street and Church Street in historic Charleston, South Carolina. Since opening, the store has become a perennial favorite for new customers and old friends. Marilyn makes many of the mirrors, tables and statuary that is encrusted with shell. This side of the business continues to grow with the appeal being magnificent mirror and furniture that can be custom designed. Opening an oyster that is guaranteed a pearl has been a favorite of everyone’s since the store has opened. Beautiful cameo and pearl jewelry, children’s items, and a wide range of boats, have proven that Sea & Shell is a nautical adventure that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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