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Best Browser for Internet Marketing? Firefox!

July 4, 2006

Firefox has a multitude of extensions that add functionality to Firefox which support our Internet Marketing efforts. The first of which that we examine was just released and has created quite a buzz in the Internet Marketing community.
  • SEO for Firefox – One of my new favorites is the SEO For Firefox Plugin by Aaron Wall. It gives an “inside peek” into many of the factors by which the major search engines rank our websites. The extension currently works when using the Google and Yahoo engines and of course does not work with Internet Explorer.
  • Live HTTP Headers – Let’s say I am contemplating a link from another site, but want to determine that they are not using redirects or spoofing pagerank (if you still dwell on that). We would want to see the website’s pages as the search bots see them. How do we do that? Live HTTP Headers. This free extension allows us to see "behind the scenes".
  • IE Tab – Still want to see how the page looks in Internet Explorer? Right-click and use this option to see the page rendered "IE style"
This is just a very, very short list. There are dozens of extensions for Firefox written by developers around the world that simply wish to make Internet Marketing easier. The best part is that you may download and use for free. That's right - free...

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