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Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

December 20, 2018

As we close out 2018, we’ve been thinking about what’s ahead next year in our market, and how we need to adjust our focus areas for our clients. Here’s what we’re watching.

Must Have the Basics Covered (Sounds Simple, Right?)

The first thing that is striking in B2B digital marketing is how vital it is to have all the 
basics in place. Companies that don’t are in the same shape that companies without a website faced in 2008. The basics are:

Invest More, but Invest Smarter

Next for companies is answering the question “How much should we be investing in marketing, sales, and digital marketing”? The trend to more investment in digital marketing continues.

Use your own sales data to understand what campaigns and strategies are currently working to extend and scale that performance. A solid digital media strategy based on whatever “big data” you can discover can give you direct access to YOUR exact buyer.

More data is available all the time and acquisition tracking is growing increasingly sophisticated. Use it to invest more in what is delivering proven ROI.

It’s harder, but you still Need SEO

SEO continues to be a staple of digital marketing but continues to change every year.

Get Beyond The Basics

If a company wants to be “ahead of their competition” in digital marketing, these are some of the things companies should be looking at:

Pick your Tools & Partners Wisely and Integrate Everything

Enterprise and aggressive growth companies already have this figured out. In 2019, they will build on their previous investments to dramatically increase their online presence and top line.

The B2B Experience Will Evolve Dramatically

In the past B2B companies could get the phone to ring with a brochure website and a sales slick. Mobile apps and same day delivery is changing that.

Make it About THEM

Personalization of your marketing messages becomes more vital in B2B. Customers are expecting Amazon-level of personalization in all their online dealings.

These are the Droids You’re Looking For

Artificial Intelligence in sales and marketing processes is coming on strong in 2019. Some examples include:

People Like Videos, Still

Importance of Video in all forms, particularly on mobile.

Are You Ready for 2019?

Ready to review your digital marketing and see what can be improved in 2019? Contact us for a digital marketing review of your current site, online marketing efforts, and competitors. We’re looking for growth-focused companies to partner for success in 2019.

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