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How video is changing the Internet

February 25, 2011

With the uprising of Youtube, many companies are wondering, “how can we leverage this increasingly popular outlet?”

What makes Youtube so successful? Well first of all – it’s completely accessible. But I think the strong point here is this mysterious desire of voyeurism. Combine the entertaining aspect of voyeurism with the accessibility that the Internet provides and you’ve got the perfect formula for an engaging new way to sell your ideas.

That’s why we have started a well-rounded production company to explore this common interest. Contact us to hear more about how our video marketing will embower your business.

Why is it a good idea to look into online video? It’s great for SEO

Video is a dominant component of Search Engine Results meaning that your video will help get your more traffic on your site.

Get more time to portray your ideas

Unlike most marketing tactics, web video can be any length. On a simple page of copy, you’ve got to be precise and brief. With video, you have as much time as you need to get your ideas across. If you want to simply introduce a new product, you can create short and entertaining video that helps capture the essence of the product. If you want a longer video for a company overview, you have time to expand while continuing to grasp the viewer’s attention.

Online video saves you money

Video is less expensive than traditional advertising. The investment in the initial production cost is a pittance once you see how simple it is to upload the video and share it through social media. Also, videos never have to die. With an extremely long shelf life, you can continue to see financial reward from one video.

Be memorable

It is undeniable that video is entertaining. But video can be even more than entertaining. It has the ability to be powerful and convey thoughts and emotions unlike any other outlet. There is a proven 57% improvement in retention of information after watching video. With a higher retention rate, your viewers are more likely to explore your site and stay interested. Don’t let your words go in one ear and out the other – with video you can finally make your words count.

Why not take advantage of this promising success and start seeing an ROI and increase in your brand awareness? Contact us today.

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