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Increasing Blog Pageviews

June 10, 2006

Pageviews per visitor are an extremely helpful metric to show the usefulness of our information to the market. The longer we keep a visitor at our website reading pages provides several benefits:

So how do we keep visitors at our site longer? Give them more eye candy. By using teasers on the index, or first page of our blog, we show the reader several posts to choose from.

When I showed each post in its entirety, a visitor would look at the scrollbar on the right-side of the screen and see that the visible area of the screen only represented a tiny fraction of the contents of this entire page. They wouldn’t know immediately that there were many posts on the page and might think, “Wow! This guy is long-winded. I don’t have time to read this.”

In WordPress there are several ways to do this. We can use the excerpt feature or we can use the “more” tag. I usually use the latter. It appears in the quicktags menu bar.

Wordpress More Quicktag Just place the “more” tag where you want the excerpt to cut off. WordPress will then insert a link to the rest of your article. Other large blogging software packages offers similar options. Blogger is a bit different.

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