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Vertical Marketing for B2B Using Facebook

September 16, 2016

Most businesses to business clients don’t think of Facebook when it comes to lead generation. Instead, just about everyone in the B2B world thinks of LinkedIn first.

After all, LinkedIn is “Facebook with a tie”, right?

Yes of course it is. However, while LinkedIn remains a great place to network, share content and conduct lead generation for B2B, Facebook has something that LinkedIn doesn’t – affordable advertising that allows you to target your audience based on interests.

Facebook Interest Targeting

facebook-dashboardYou may be familiar with Facebook’s advertising features which allows you to carefully select the audience you’d like to see your ads. Facebook allows you to target by demographic, by location as well as by interest.

Interest targeting is perhaps the most interesting tool within the Facebook advertising realm. If you consider what sort of interests your audience has, you can target specific ads to them based on those interests.

Interests to consider include:

  • Technology people in your niche like
  • Personalities people in your niche follow
  • Associations people in your niche join
  • Publications people in your niche follow

Recent Case Study

Here is an example of a recent WSI campaign targeting clients in the pest control industry. The campaign includes:

Resource style website page optimized for organic search:

2 website pages built on Hubspot with 2 different offers & automation funnels serving as landing page for running ads from Facebook ads:

Multiple Facebook ad campaigns targeting various interests of professionals in the pest control industry.

Initial numbers for the campaign are extremely positive. Cost per click are less than $1 on Facebook for this campaign which has generated 9 leads in the first 3 weeks of the campaign.

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