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MarketLeverage Affiliate Blog Contests

April 26, 2008

MarketLeverage has been sponsoring a slew of affiliate blog contests over the past couple weeks as a well-timed move to gain substantial visibility in the market and perhaps score a few good affiliates in a highly-competitive market. Plus, it’s a nice opportunity for us to win some swag in the process.

Contest #1 – Affiliate Confession

The first contest comes from upstart affiliate confession, whose blog contains great nuggets about handling relations from the affiliate side of transactions. What many b2b companies don’t realize is that affiliate offers can be a way to monetize commercial or retail traffic that may end up on their site and offset their otherwise wasted ad costs For example, a company who produces Asian and vietnamese wholesale products bids on keywords that also could bring them homeowners looking to buy just one. What do you do with all those irrelevant leads? How about at the contact form, segregate them – if they match your lead scoring criteria, work on the relationship. If they don’t though, send them an autoresponder series of related retailers of whom you are an affiliate – and use these costs to offset your ad costs. Whoknows, you may find this pays well enough to split out your own site just doing this. Almost forgot – this second contest at affiliate confession is cosponsored by and ends soon so get those entries in!

Contest #2 CDF Networks

Chad over at CDF Networks who worked out a nice little contest to promote his blog along with Market Leverage, one of the strong up-and-coming networks in 2008. Chad’s blog is one of the top ones we’ve seen in the pay-for-performance marketing space and eschews the typical earnings claims and self-aggrandizing comments seen from affiliate marketers (work on commission basis from large web companies to increase sales & leads) and instead reveals tactics and methodologies to increase leads and sales. Definitely worth putting in your RSS if you either work as a pay-for-performance marketer or if your company is considering employing an affiliate program to boost revenue.

Contest #3 – Jonathan Volk

Last but certainly not least is super affiliate Jonathan Volk’s contest with Market Leverage. His age by no means reflects his experience and overall knowledge when it comes to pay per click and pay for performance marketing. Besides giving back to the affiliate community via his blog, which keeps marketers up to date on the latest trends, he also engages in contests within the industry to keep it light (SEO battle vs. Jon Fisher &

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