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Play to your Customer’s Process – 1 Hour Website Redesign

August 13, 2010

The second installment of the 1 hour redesign series. If you’d like your website evaluated with a complete sample design, please let us know.

I encountered this week’s redesign while trying to pay for my education. Recently, my loans were transferred back to MOHELA (who originally owned them), and I was faced with registering on their site to set up my bank account. It proved difficult and requires a FAX! I’m still not totally set up, and now have bills 3 days overdue. The rest of the website reminded me of waiting in long lines in school, then missing a form to stand in another line.

Don’t take this the wrong way, MOHELA is a fantastic organization and their goals are second to none, not to mention providing the cheapest money I’ll ever borrow. Hope they’re able to correct some of these issues on the website. [update: after talking on the phone, they are in the process of developing a new payment processing application ]

Mohela Original Site

Strengths: Weaknesses

The redesign

This second installment proved to be more difficult, not having a full understanding of all the components of this organization, or having access to any site stats (top visitors, most requested pages, etc) to know what the people on the site are doing.

The Redesign Explained


Although this design doesn’t have the creative ‘pop’, the improved usability would save on admin costs, and provide a better experience for their lendees.

We’re always looking for companies to help, get your website evaluated and redesigned.

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