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"Monetize Your Site" Google Adsense Tip #1

April 1, 2006

In this series I will teach you step-by-step how to maximize the revenue you make from your website by using the Google Adsense Publishing Network. Books about Google Adsense tips sell for $100 a shot on the Internet. Why? Because there is serious money to be made... if you know what you are doing. You will learn

You will learn:

  • How to set up your Adsense account
  • What types of Google Adsense ads to use
  • What colors of ads to use
  • Tips about where to place your Google Adsense ads
  • Should you buy Adsense-ready sites?
  • How people make hundreds of dollars each day with Google Adsense
  • And much, much more.
The best part about this is that all the information is 100% free! Why on earth would I tell you these "secrets"?
  1. Keeps great sites running - There are excellent free resources on the web that never reach their full potential simply because the website operator can't make enough money to keep their site current, or even running. I like free stuff.
  2. I'd like to see you here again - Avalanche Internet Marketing helps all size businesses from Major corporations to "Mom-and-Pop" businesses with their Internet Marketing needs, and Adsense is just one of the many tools that can improve your sites Revenue. Honestly, we hope you bookmark our site, sign up for the Free email updates, or add the RSS feed to your reader. We have a book along with some other products in the pipeline and we think they will be absolutely essential to developing an Internet strategy that explodes your revenue and return on investment.
  3. Better educated webmasters = a more useful Internet - Using Adsense properly can enhance our visitors' experience. Using Adsense incorrectly just builds up the quantity of spam and other junk content on the web. I hope to help people decide whether they can:
    1. Utilize Adsense correctly and make money
    2. Use Adsense incorrectly (in that case, just focusing on their "real job" would be time better spent"
  4. Adsense is not the magic answer to making money online - contrary to what the snake-oil salesmen on the Internet tell you, Adsense is a tool - not the solution. I'll show you why Google Adsense is not a business model in itself. This truth save up-and-coming entrepreneurs a ton of money, time and heartache in the process.
So, I look forward to seeing you for part 2 of "Monetize Your Site" - Google Adsense Tips and encourage you to do any (or all) of the following

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