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MPF Launch – Setting the Standard in a Niche Market

June 15, 2012

MPF launch of new website focused on converting 100+ page catalog to a user friendly website.

We then moved into the active marketing and SEO on this project, let’s take a look at the challenges, processes and results thus far and the actual build. Before

Existing site & challenges

MPF is a leader in designing and manufacturing ceramic-to-metal hermetic electrical feedthroughs, optical viewports and related components. Their products make it to space, end up in missiles, help make nuclear power, and in general are VERY highly specialized.

They have a unique advantage in the market: in addition to their 1300+ stock parts, they can custom engineer, manufacture and develop any other ceramic-to-metal assemblies a client may require.

Although excellent at manufacturing; lead generation and new business development was driven through existing relationships and outbound efforts of their sales and reps. Key Challenge: Develop strategy to promote new lead generation.

Reviewing the existing site some key issues become apparent:

  • Flash menus – bad for SEO, uncrawlable by search engines
  • Disjointed navigation based on ‘table of contents’ sections from catalog
  • Little to no call to actions
  • Poor optimization – little copy, lack of keywords, page naming conventions & meta data
  • PDF based content – LOTS of links to pdf pages of the print catalog
  • Visually dated look (in a fairly technologically advanced market)

The Strategy(s)

Working with MPF, we identified the need for their clients to have access to core technical documents for each of the products. With the highly specialized and sensitive environments for these products (where a .001″ makes a difference), it is critical for the engineers to be able to access drawings, specs and detailed information around each product.

Solution: Online Product Catalog

Convert the existing print catalog into a searchable database of products and include images, pdfs of CAD drawings and .step files for download. To immediately boost lead generation, we developed a PPC campaign around the catalog (still a coveted item) and their custom abilities. Targetted keywords, a great landing page, we were able to immediately begin generating leads and sales activity during the site development. As an added bonus, we gained insights on keyword traffic and convertibility (which keywords are generating more leads) which we could then apply to the organic SEO strategies. Redesign

The Design & Finished Product

Reviewing competitors and other sites of similar nature, it was clear we needed to be modern, clear & concise with the design. Many competitors (some distributors) have dated, limited, and poorly organized sites.

Key highlights of relaunched site:

  • 900+ searchable parts database
  • Larger, simpler navigation
  • Advanced tracking
  • Targeted PPC campaign
  • Incorporate stronger USPs throughout the site (in sidebars/footers)
  • Larger more consistent calls to action (download catalog, search parts, custom part)
  • Additional copy expanding on MPF expertise and core benefits to their clientele
  • Partner logos to establish trust and build credibility
  • Expanding project examples with design challenges, their process and results
  • SEO Optimized pages (catalog added ~1500 additional pages to get indexed)

Results & Next Steps

Although early in the marketing project, we’ve delivered over 200 leads for MPF, with all of the custom quote requests being high quality. Next will be focusing on conversions, expanding the products and information, and begin increasing traffic and rankings.

Please post any comments or questions below, and if you have a question about this project, or how we can help develop your online branding and marketing, call us direct at: (866) 731-2271.

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