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MSN Adcenter Campaign Management Tool Beta Released

June 12, 2008

MSN Adcenter just released the Beta of their desktop campaign management tool. The “so what” of this for b2b companies looking to begin or expand online marketing in the paid search space is that you have a much better opportunity to test MSN traffic.

MSN’s search reach is only about 10% of the US market. Plus, more sophisticated searchers like most of your clients tend to use Google. Add in that MSN’s web interface is maddening to use at times, and that worked out that most companies skipped MSN and their 6-7% market share.

However, for that same reason, b2b organizations should absolutely be marketing on adcenter. Why? Less competition means lower prices and in some cases, you could be the only advertiser. Pick your pages and keywords correctly and you could get the equivalent of a full SEO program’s results in MSN for a fraction of the cost.

If you need someone to help save your ailing pay per click campaign or get you started, give us a call. About 90% of companies using pay per click are losing money on it. Our clients are in the other 10%. Enough said.  🙂

MSN Adcenter Desktop Application Beta

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