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Top 10 Best Practices for Guiding Website Leads Through Complex Sales

August 31, 2009

The secret for increasing profits for any companies in markets with complex sales cycles (e.g. B2B), or high-value sales like Real Estate, is how well we nurture our website leads who are earlier in their sales decision. This is a compilation of best practices from our successful Internet Marketing clients AND some sage advice from recent training sessions including:

Lead Management is hard work – Often more difficult and more important than lead generation

“Lead management” is a top challenge for anyone involved in online lead generation with a complex sale. Some of the key problems include:

The Magic Formula – “Know You…….Like You……Trust You”

Even when your new online lead is ready to buy, the sequence to being ready to buy from you is always the same; know you, then like you, then finally TRUST you. Speed and methods of getting to TRUST change with people, circumstances, and product or service; but the basic sequence never changes. People buy from people and they always have to TRUST you first.

Know You – Like You – Trust You –

These Top 10 Best Practices turn LEADS TO SALES

1. SPEED OF INITIAL RESPONSE is THE NUMBER ONE FACTOR in your ability to close an online lead 2. Personalize your initial response 3. Nurture first – But do it quickly 4. Qualification and Readiness to Buy are TWO different things 5. Distinct Marketing and Sales Processes 6. Track sales results rigorously – feedback into lead generation 7. Provide REAL Value & Generosity in your Lead Nurturing Being generous during your lead nurturing process puts you on your way to being a remarkable business and eventually closing the sale 8. Perseverance and Focus Pays Off 9. Have an ONLINE LEAD MANAGEMENT PROCESS 10. Use an Integrated Strategy for Initial Contact on hard-to-reach leads It’s easy to see why online lead management is so tough. Tough choices are forced for how to manage your marketing and sales staff, requires perseverance in the face of rejection, and the discipline of a tough drill sergeant.  Follow these Top 10 Best Practices for Online Lead Management and you will be well on your way! Please contact us if you would like an appraisal of your current lead nurturing processes or call contact Hubert Hopkins at (866) 731-2271.

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