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Organically Grow Your B2B Email Marketing List

April 15, 2014

B2B Email Marketing

Nine ways to organically grow your B2B Email Marketing list without jeopardizing your reputation or the quality of your list.

Organic List Building is Still the Best Way to Go – Fill your B2B email list with people who actually want to hear from you. Here are some simple ways to do that:

  1. A quick sign-up form on all highly visited pages in your website
  2. Give a clear reason/benefit why someone should join your list
  3. In the header add an email sign-up link near the contact us or log-in section
  4. Automatically opt-in (with an option to opt-out) anyone who requests a quote or makes a purchase
  5. Create a pop-up or floating footer for first time visitors to opt-in to your email list
  6. Add an email sign-up option to the footer of all electronic mailings including quotes, receipts, etc.
  7. Install store options to join the mailing list, preferably a touch screen interactive option.
  8. Have a tablet option for trade shows and promotional events
  9. Use QR codes on showroom displays

Along with the nine things you should be doing here in one you should not do.

  1. Do not rely solely on a bought mailing list. If you do use a sourced mailing make sure to explain why you feel your products or services would be helpful and give them an easy way to opt-in.  

Remember that having and maintaining an up-to-date email marking list is just the beginning.

Here are some other articles that will help make sure you run a successful email marketing campaign.

If you still need help growing your B2B Email Marketing List or putting together an effective email marketing campaign, drop us a line or give us a call – (866) 731-2271

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