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Pay-per-Click Ambulance Chasing via Google Adwords

January 30, 2012

One of the real advantages of Pay-per-Click advertising is the real-time instant advertising that can be done when an opportunity presents itself. In this brief case study, we are showing a dramatic example of a Maritime Injury Law Firm using Google Adwords to do some pay-per-click ambulance chasing to generate business from the Concordia Cruise Ship accident.

This same approach can be used in your business for other purposes, not so dramatic, but just as effective:

  • Seasonal specials
  • Natural disasters
  • National press coverage on a product or service you sell
  • Local press coverage of your small business

In most cases, ads can be running in 24 hours, particularly if you have an existing pay-per-click campaign running for your regular business marketing. These ads are tailored to exactly what you are selling and so can be exactly targeted to the one-time event you want to take advantage of. In the case below, the offer is clear, the firm has “experience” and is offering a “fee evaluation” with a phone number. Also unique is the “new” URL they used in the ad, “”; they probably bought that domain within hours of the disaster and it’s a hard hitting part of the ad.

Google Search for Cruise Ship Accident

Once you click on their ad, you go to a well-designed landing page. It has a nice image to make it totally clear you are in the right place. It’s done professionally to generate trust. It’s clear this is an established law firm. The action is clear “Call Today for a Free Case Evaluation”. No confusion on what they want you to do.

cruise ship law firm landing page

There is also a nice disclaimer because it’s legal advice. The same can be used for medical and financial advice with tailoring to be sure it’s correct for the situation.


Ambulance chasing has always had a negative connotation, but it’s a clear way to generate business. If you have ever seen hot news and said, “ I should take advantage of that for my business”, then pay-per-click and Google Adwords may be the right solution to consider. Better luck the next time a great opportunity comes your way.

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