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How QR Code Marketing Can Boost Your Product Launch

August 31, 2011

How QR Code Marketing Can Dramatize Your New Product Introduction


Mako Boats uses QR Codes and Video to turn its PRINT AD into multimedia!!!

mako boats qr code marketing

QR Code Marketing Turns Print Ad Into Multimedia Experience

Here is a new magazine ad for Mako’s new 18 ft. bay boat. The QR code read with your iPhone, Android, or iPad goes directly to a web-hosted video at  Try it on your QR code reader directly from the screen or via the link above to see where it goes. The video is a dynamite overview of the new boat – it makes me want to jump up and go fishing! This is state-of-the-art multimedia advertising using the best of a print ad tied directly to a mobile application of a product video. It is PRINT BEING INTERACTIVE. We have a warning for you with QR code marketing with web hosted video; not all QR code “readers” are created equal. The ad above was tested in two readers:
  • NeoReader – works great because it allows the video to run in either horizontal or vertical iPhone positions
  • QR Code Reader Big in Japan – worked to send you to the video on the web, but would not re-orient the viewing to horizontal
So, be sure to test you QR Codes in multiple readers and if there are any issues, be sure to recommend a reader for people to download. Hopefully this little technical glitch will be short-lived in the world of performance for your QR Code marketing. Marketing is changing fast to incorporate the conversation (SOCIAL MEDIA) and location (MOBILE). In our business, we are adding MOBILE so our Internet marketing messages can be received no matter what LOCATION people are accessing it from. Corporate clients can also now benefit from professional video and animated messages via our new company Social Video Works, Video is critical for getting the online multimedia message out and fully integrating with print, radio, and TV advertising.    

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