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Repackaging Results to Add Value

November 6, 2006

We started the “top 25” blog list a few weeks ago for the best Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing blogs. Just recently released their own version of a “top 25” the other day with a ton of extra metrics added to it for all the super-nerds like myself that want to see comparisons between 3rd party websites like Alexa and Technorati, with the actual user data for the websites (as submitted by the sites themselves). This also provides us a great lesson in repackaging results from data sets to provide greater value to our customers while being able to overcome “first-mover advantages”. Imitation is the Highest form of Flattery… 😉 I’m (half) kidding since our criteria for blog selection for inclusion was somewhat different. In all seriousness though, this is a great example for entrepreneurs. There are all kinds of accumulations of data, interesting products, and ideas floating on the web. We don’t have to be the first to market on an idea – we just have to repackage it, tailored to the audience that is receiving it. The SEOmoz blog caters primarily to top marketers within that industry, so those added bits of data are a gold mine in terms of getting them more links. Our blog is more designed for the end user who wants to know if Search Engine Marketing is a viable option for their company, so we have a “stripped-down” approach to avoid confusion on the part of non-technical readers.
  1. Both are great
  2. Both get a website links from other websites
  3. Dispense the information what your audience is looking for (not products and services you are trying to sell) and you will get links, too.

We Don’t Need “First Mover Advantage”

Find out where the ideas are coming from in your industry and see if you can repackage them to add value. Many industries are online now with great ideas, but most don’t know how to market online. If your company can do the latter, you don’t even need the former.

Be Different

Another idea is to examine the marketing medium in which ideas are being presented. If they are offline, take them online. If the ideas are online, find a way to use them offline. It will make you quite valuable to persons looking for answers to their problems. Those persons quickly become customers.

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