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Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Summary

June 24, 2010

Here is my summary of the ROFFS Ocean Current information on the spill and it’s movement in the Gulf. It just keeps getting worse!

  • The overall size of the surface oil reported by ROFFS has grown by 300% in three weeks. See for yourself below:
  • Surface oil continues to expand every week and move to the east toward the Florida panhandle beaches. It’s clearly visible in the Big Bend area of Florida now
  • Looking at the “big picture”, considering where ROFFS reports oil, oil/water mixture, and loop currents moving the oil around the gulf, at least HALF of the USA portion of the Gulf of Mexico is clearly affected!!!
  • Surface oil is going to start moving Southeast down the west Florida continental shelf (about 60 miles to 120 miles offshore). Once the oil reaches the area 90 miles west of Ft. Myers, it will really accelerate to the South and pour into the Florida Current/Gulf Stream
  • Once it reaches due west of the Keys, it’s going to enter the Florida Current and Gulf Stream
  • DILUTE WATER/OIL MIXTURE has been tracked in the Florida Current/Gulf Stream as far north as JACKSONVILLE FL (Thankfully no tar balls have been reported in the Gulf Stream yet)
  • It is turtle mating and nesting season along the Florida east coast and any oil, even dispersed oil/water mixture will be very hazardous

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