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SEO Tools Automating the Grunt Work for Your Websites

August 27, 2007

It’s not often that we write articles about the SEO tools that operate in the industry because most of the visitors to our blog are business pros that don’t need to know the nitty-gritty of how the marketing happens. They’re busy satisfying their customers and doing what they do best.

However, I did want to write today as a bit of good will for the smaller businesses which are not quite ready for the commitment required to join our Proven ‘Six-Step’ Digital Marketing B2B Lead Generation System. Some larger businesses may be interested in this as well. A prominent search marketer on the other side of the pond has developed a set of tools that will help automate some of the more mundane, and frankly, difficult tasks for many small businesses.

Pre-Review of the Toolset

Let’s run through the tools they’ll be offering, along with their description, and then I’ll tell you why you should care

This tool will increase your backlinks massively by scouring the Internet for sites that link to you, that are not indexed in search engines. Any links it finds to your site, which are not indexed by Google, it will get them indexed – almost instantly, thus letting Google see all of your backlinks. This will of course, improve your rankings.

A large proportion of the web actually doesn’t appear in Google’s index, and they drop pages like flies these days in order to provide only the most relevant info (and save money – they’ve gone public. It was bound to happen). This tool will find all the pages on other websites and get your links noticed. This will increase your rankings in the search engines, and increase relevant traffic passing from search engines, to those pages, to yours. Referral traffic generally converts much higher than traffic straight from search engines Flashdex

This tool will get ANY page indexed in Google within 1 hour – guaranteed.

The way most companies work is a slow progression and then a mad rush at the finish to get work done. Hey, we all do it – it’s called procrastination. Let’s say that you have a promotion coming out – tomorrow. To get a page showing in Google these days, you either have to make sure Google’s crawler is coming by that day (which you can’t guarantee, and they crawl more infrequently each day), or you have to launch a press release, which costs a large chunk of change. Now, sometimes a press release is good, but what if you’re just putting up content that would benefit your business, but isn’t really “newsworthy”? That’s where this tool would come in.

Social Storm
This neat little bit of script can get a single page – or multiple pages socially bookmarked on the top 20 social bookmarking and tagging sites over 190 times, automatically, from different IPs at random times over the course of weeks. This can give you massive traffic boosts.

Social Marketing is the new Social Marketing 😉 It’s always been around, but now there are more websites available where this is a goal, rather than a by-product so it’s getting plenty of buzz in the world of marketing. Digg,, reddit, are a couple examples. What good is a great idea if nobody knows about it? The web is full of those who didn’t answer this question. Another benefit of Social Storm is that you can also get some nice links which will help your search ranking, on occasion. This tool will automate the process by getting your content in front of the eyeballs of the users without wasting a ton of your time, or getting you banned.

StumbleXchange Automator
StumbleXchange is a great site, but it takes so damn long! This downloadable program will automate the entire process for you! No more hours of stumbling other peoples pages, just click and go to sleep!

If you use Stumbleupon, then this is like a co-op where people cross-promote each other’s sites. Most B2B sites may not use this much, but there is some value.

Link Buster
My favourite tool – This tool will build you over 100 relevant links per month, to any page requested – and it’s not blackhat!

Getting deep links (pages in your website other than the homepage) is very difficult. It requires either arduous work contacting tons of webmasters with every appeal known, creating remarkably noteworthy content that people want to link to (other than just listing the “me, me, me” seen on most company sites), or by buying links from relevant websites. We do link building for our clients and charge a hefty fee – because it’s hard work. How valuable are the links? That’s a good question, and hopefully we’ll find out for you and get to run some tests of our own.

Want More Info About the Toolset?

Digerati Marketing is nearing beta testing stage and hopefully we will be able to assist them in making sure the tools are top-notch for you, the aspiring web kingpin of your market niche. Our years of experience in not just Internet Marketing, but in high-level corporate business strategy and decision-making means that you’ll get a well-rounded review of these tools. Check out Digerati Marketing if you have any other questions about the tools, which are slated for release later this year, or subscribe to our RSS feed and we’ll keep you posted.

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