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The Power of Social Media Marketing

November 12, 2009

facebookWhile conducting research on Social Media Marketing recently for one of our clients I came across a business page for a large insurance company (not a client).  They will remain nameless.  The page has over 13,000 fans, 11 videos and it is being updated regularly, at least twice a week, just as it should be. One thing I found that surprised me were the many negative comments from disgruntled customers.  Now I know that we can’t please everyone all the time and people have the right to complain.  The problem was that not one of these complaints had been addressed by the company on the Facebook page where they were posted. One of the great things about Social Media Marketing is the fact that we can interact with our customers almost instantaneously and on a one to one basis.  Whoever is in charge of updating this site is obviously not reading the comments or if they are reading them they are not responding to them. This is worse than not having a Social Media presence at all.  Not only should you be branding your company via Social Media Marketing, but you should also be building relationships and fostering trust among your customers and fans.  This fast moving, dynamic form of advertising can create strong ties between your company and your customers, if you work it.  Even negative comments are good for building trust and realism because they make you look real.  You just have to have more positive than negative by a high percentage and address the negatives as soon as they appear. For a free Social Media Marketing analysis of your company contact: Carol Mejia

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