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Top Seven Internet Marketing Trends for 2011

December 15, 2011

This is data summarized from eMarketer ™ for top Internet Marketing trends in 2011.

It’s important to always be aware of the most recent Internet Marketing Trends. The importance of this data is advertising investment continues to shift from traditional media to Internet media. Internet marketing investment is still dominated by traditional forms of search placement, paid advertising, and email marketing. Other areas are growing fast but still small. 88% of companies now use social media for marketing, so this is a “Must-have” ingredient in a company’s marketing strategy. Most companies are still learning the basics of Internet marketing, so those traditional areas continue to grow at 10% to 20% per year.

  1. US Population and Internet Users Growing
    1. 229M Internet users (72% of the population)
    2. Growing at 10M users per year
  2. Most Popular Uses by Age Group
    1. Email usage highest for ALL age groups
    2. 18 – 24 — Social Networking (60%)
    3. 30 + — Reading News (45% for 30 -49 year olds)
    4. Online banking was third at 45% for 30 – 49 year olds
  3. Internet Advertising Passes Newspaper
    1. TV still rules with $60M vs. $31M for Internet advertising and $25M for newspaper
    2. Radio and Magazines are ½ of Internet
    3. Internet is 17% of total advertising spending (what’s the  % of your budget?)
  4. More marketing on Social Media, Blogs and Email
    1. 80% increased spending on social media
    2. 64% spent more on mobile media
    3. 58% said that email campaigns were still a major focus
    4. 25 – 34 year old age group is largest share of social media users (21% market share)
    5. By 2012 88% of companies will use Social media for marketing
    6. Facebook is the overwhelming social media advertising leader with $2.1B placed in 2011
  5. Paid Search Advertising is still increasing
    1. 16% increase in 2010 at $11  billion
    2. 2011 predicted to be a 15% increase at $12.7B
    3. Growth at 15% per year predicted through 2014
  6. Video Ads see rapid growth
    1. Video ad spend will grow 400% from 2010 to 2014
    2. $6B in advertising by 2014
  7. Mobile Advertising is more important
    1. 63% of marketing pros plan to allocate over 15% of their total marketing to mobile in 2011
    2. 45% of marketing pros said mobile is “very important” to their strategy
    3. Mobile advertising still small at $933M in 2011

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