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Twitter for Individuals

December 28, 2009

Ways that Twitter works for Individuals

  1. Family touches if long distance – what better way to easily keep track of what your college student is doing every day when away on a three week international trip
  2. Follow favorite celebrity – even I have a couple of celebrities I want to know on a more personal level. Following them on Twitter is an easy way to know them more personally
  3. News – get news even before it’s “right off the press”.  Now we get it as it’s happening real time
  4. Broadcast news when it happens to you – Be a news maker
  5. Specials while shopping – have the feeds of your favorite stores to check just before a shopping trip, print Twitter coupons, know the last minute deals out there
  6. Entertainment – What band’s playing tonight at your favorite spot or what new recipe is your favorite chef working on tonight
  7. Become a Guru in a work or hobby niche – personal branding by being an expert at something you love. Share what you know in little bite size pieces and grow followers
  8. People watching– follow what’s happening in your town, or at a large sporting event, it can be as entertaining as being there in person
  9. Emergency contact – Let all your followers know when you are in jail in Bali, hoping someone will help you get out. Don’t laugh, this has happened in real life
10.  Finding a job – constantly update your twitter followers with your every step in job hunting and let them lend you a hand, it’s all about networking

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