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Twitter for Work Groups

December 29, 2009

1. Keep notes – Build your meeting minutes, phone call notes, etc. by tweeting as you go through your day 2. Daily log of work accomplished – Just tweet when you finish a task and everyone is up to date instantly 3. Where is everyone – let it take the place of the big white board with IN/OUT by each person’s name 4. Document why you did something – use it for sharing knowledge and accelerating your group’s growth 5. Polling your network for help on a hard issue – Just tweet out your problem and see who has already solved it before 6. Sharing links of interest as you find them – real time sharing of great information from the web, again accelerating the learning for the group 7. Influence a decision – good old fashion working in your group to get your input on an important decision 8. Share your funny stories – use Twitter to share the funny ups and downs that happen to you during the day, add a little humor to your work day 9. Motivation – send little “motivational tweets” to your work team members urging them on to greatness. A little encouragement to keep spirits up is always helpful 10. Streamline your inboxes – If you used all 9 above, there would be less email and less clutter elsewhere on your desk and desktop For help on grouping your twitter feeds,

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