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Working from home – how a computer geek made the transition from one side to the other.

December 10, 2009

It’s a life many can only dream of:  working from home.  It sounds so good when you say it out loud, “I work from home”.  You can see it in the faces of strangers.  They’re normally skeptical.  Once I explain that I actually work for a reputable company with other employees and a real boss developing web pages and internet marketing that skepticism normally turns to envy.

Who can blame them?  The freedoms that come with working from home are too many to count.  But there are some pitfalls too.  Things you may never think about.  I learned the hard way that working from home takes some getting used to.  Long ago in a land far, far away I was your average workplace/office/cubicle type of web guy.  My supervisor could come down to the office at any time to make sure I was pumping out some delicious code.  I could jump up from my desk for a quick run to a work buddy’s office to crack a joke or see what kind of treats were in the break room then scurry back into the office for more coding.

Being a very social person, this was actually a small joy that I took for granted.

A year and a half later and you’ll find me in my home office with two small dogs running around begging for attention, my cell phone by my side and my communications program, Skype, persistently on.  How did I make the transition?  How do I meet my work goals while not letting important tasks slip into nothingness?  It’s tough and it’s a constant struggle to stay motivated, focused and productive.

However, I’m getting better and better at my job, working from home and maintaining some aspects of a social life.

Here’s how I do it.

Things to help you get focused and motivated for a productive day at work:


Tools of the trade:

Mainly, this is for web developers but any work from home person could use a number of these tools to help keeping productive and sane all at the same time.

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