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Wright Touch Landscaping

March 12, 2009

While we usually work with B2B companies, it is always fun to explore the challenges of local Internet marketing for lead generation. Wright Touch Landscaping in Summerville, SC is a staple of the historic downtown area and has been family owned and operated for over 27 years. Wright Touch Landscaping leverages their experience to turn your landscaping dreams into reality. Whether you are a homeowner or hotel owner, they can provide you with complete landscape design and service.
  • hardscapes
  • custom irrigation systems
  • lighting
  • fountain integration
  • total landscape redesign

Challenges of Local Internet Marketing

Keeping internet marketing profitable for local businesses is difficult, unless the service has a combination of the following components
  • High cost and good margins (dentist)
  • Appeals to a large segment of the population (restaurant)
  • Scalable (Dinner cruise)
  • Repeat business extremely likely (e.g. daycare, dry cleaner)
In this case custom landscaping carries a higher cost. Margins should be decent in any business utilizing consulting or creative work, since like with a lawyer, doctor, or business consultant, the customer is paying for a lifetime of experience in addition to the manual work of putting the idea into practice. Landscaping also has cross-sells such as once that project is done, is there another? Do you need some pruning or lawn care, etc. Businesses not meeting the aforementioned criteria usually can not afford full Internet Marketing services and would hence either need to get their hands dirty and utilize help of younger employees or a student who is web-savvy.

Conversion is key for small businesses like landscaping

Local businesses on the web need to be razor-sharp with their ability to convert leads into visitors. In this case Summerville SC is a town of about 40,000 and the Charleston metro area has about 500,000. This is a decent population to pull from, but Wright Touch Landscaping’s focus is more geared to custom work. Hence, a business like this would not expect a flood of traffic. This company will need to be able to engage each visitor, funnel them to the exact information they are looking for, and build enough trust so contacting the company is a foregone conclusion. We look forward to the challenge and will periodically post additional articles to help local businesses with their online lead generation efforts.

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