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Successful Marketing Starts with a Plan

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, why would you start your marketing without one?

We believe the Digital Marketing Blueprint covers all the major components for planning a successful digital marketing campaign for Innovent Technologies. The blueprint is typically composed of the following sections, but we do customize to maximize value depending on our findings:

  • Research & Analysis
  • Tactical Roll-ups
  • Tactical Details
  • Lead Nurturing & Marketing Automation Details
  • Library of downloadable Resources

We’ll provide your team with a no-nonsense, actionable digital marketing plan that is based on solid research and proven strategies with a track record of success.

Blueprint Overview

Our Digital Marketing Blueprint service is designed for companies or organizations that want to take control of their own marketing.

Situational Analysis
Detailed Website Analysis
Integrated Marketing Strategy

Working with Us

The Digital Marketing Blueprint concept evolved from years of working with more industrial, complex companies many of which wanted to leverage their own internal resources to conduct their digital marketing campaigns themselves, but just didn’t know where to start.

We recognized this need and created the Digital Marketing Blueprint concept based on the work we did as the front end of our managed services process. In other words, these are the same procedures that we use before starting the marketing for other clients that we service.

What we found was that most companies for whom we created a Blueprint for decided to continue working with us in one capacity or another. In some cases, the company retained what they were comfortable doing while having us do the “heavy lifting” when it came to the technical or knowledge intensive services. In other cases, organizations give us full responsibility to do everything related to their digital marketing.

Because we guarantee it and allow the fees to roll-over, we found that most clients we work with enjoy the Risk-Free aspect of the Blueprint. It creates a sort of “try before you buy” scenario. And we enjoy it because it allows us to work with the company on a fixed project and mutually determine if we are a good fit.

Why Work With Us?

We specialize in working with B2B companies across a wide range manufacturing, marine, medical, Oil & Gas, and consulting. All of our processes and resources are dedicated to business growth through lead generation and online branding. We often draw from our experiences of working with a company in one vertical/niche and apply that knowledge to a similar company with similar challenges.

We Service What We Suggest

The Blueprint strategies are the culmination of intensive research and our own experiences managing marketing programs for manufacturing.

The purpose of this blueprint is to provide you with enough guidance and data to arm your internal or independent teams with the same data we use to develop marketing strategies and troubleshoot technical issues that would otherwise hinder user experience and search engine placement.

What we find is that some manufacturers have the resources to fully leverage the information on this document. Some manufacturers have the resources but not the knowledge. And other manufacturers have neither. We can support you in a number of different ways:

Training & Consulting

We can consult with your team on strategies, procedures and trends, and where it makes sense, lend a hand on getting them up and running.

Technical Support

Technical issues associated with website maintenance and marketing platforms can be tricky. If the proper precautions aren’t taken, some mistakes can be irreversible.

Shared Management Services

This is our “Hybrid” service where we collectively determine what your team can handle and what you need us to handle. Typically, we do the heavy lifting with technical issues, strategic issues, creative ideas, and managing the paid advertising.

Full Management Services

Our customized programs are where we essentially become your Digital Marketing department. We take all responsibility for your entire digital presence for a single, predictable monthly fee. No annoying incremental invoices that you didn’t count on.

We do occasionally offer hourly services, but I think you will find our retainer-based programs are more economical and offer additional perks. Our monthly programs are customized based on the unique needs of each customer.

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