Digital Marketing Needs Self-Assessment

This 1 minute, seven-question, assessment is the first step to help determine whether you need to re-assess digital marketing as a growth strategy for your company.

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Question 1 - 7

Are your prospective customers looking for your services and products online and researching your company before they contact you?

Question 2 - 7

Are you generating as many leads (or making sales) from the Internet as you think you should?

Question 3 - 7

When did you last do a competitive analysis of your company vs. your competitors in their online marketing and lead generation?

Question 4 - 7

Do you currently have dedicated Internet marketing employees or an agency partner?

Question 5 - 7

Does your website and other Digital Marketing tools support your sales team now with full information and interactive, interesting content?

Question 6 - 7

Could you find the budget to invest in Digital Marketing if a low-risk path to successful growth existed?

Question 7 - 7

Can you find one hour to dedicate to a Digital Marketing assessment and competitive benchmarking research discussion?