Business Analytics to Measure, Test, and Constantly Improve

Many people believe the number one issue with their website is that they need more visitors, but many times the real problem is simply getting more value out of the traffic they do have. That opens the door to maintaining your marketing effort and increasing your online business.

To achieve that takes a detailed understanding of what visitors are doing on your website, where are they clicking when they land on your site, and what ultimately makes them exit your site. The good news is that all this valuable information is available with Google Analytics.

Manufacturing Marketing Analytics

Analyzing Website Performance Should Be Clear

How your site is performing should not be a guessing game. Google Analytics was created to make sense of how your site is performing by tracking certain key metrics. The depth of information available gets better each month. By tracking a few KPIs, or key metrics, unique to your company, you will constantly improve and bring in more qualified leads.

Reporting Tailored to You

One of the major highlights of Google Analytics is that it wasn’t built for techies or webmasters but is instead geared towards marketing teams and business executives. Through the use of graphs, tables and charts, detailed statistics about the traffic on your site are shown in an easy to understand format, making you more confident about changes you make to your site and in your business.

Google Analytics can analyze traffic being sent to your website, including display advertising, pay-per-click networks, search engines, and email marketing campaigns. Realizing that a conversion doesn’t always equal a sale, Google Analytics can also track the quality of your landing pages and make it clear what is working and what is not. Google Analytics can also work in conjunction with Google Ads, Google’s online advertising program, to determine which ads are performing the best.

We take the guess work out of this process for you. By setting up your account, monitoring the results on an ongoing basis, establishing goals that are unique to your business, and reporting t data to you, we can work and tweak your website to increase qualified traffic that leads to an increase in ROI.

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