How do keywords work?

For example, if I am looking for chiropractor supplies, I might go to google and enter “chiropractor supplies + whatever city I live in”. I may also use variations of that phrase with words like “chiropractic”, adding abbreviations of the state I live in, spelling out the state completely, adding zip codes, etc. Comprehensive Keyword Research determines how B2B customers (not our company) would search for our services. It is the absolute cornerstone of any successful Internet Marketing campaign.

By using the correct keywords within our site, we enable search engines to match our web pages with Internet Users that are ready and willing to purchase our product or request more information so your sales staff can “close the deal”. Target the wrong keywords, and we end up with a great-looking website that no one can find unless they already know our company web address.

Benefits of a Keyword Research Campaign for B2B product and service providers

More Free Traffic to your Website – 80% of all Internet purchases originate with the use of a Search Engine. Using the correct keywords within an Internet Marketing campaign delivers “free advertising” via the search engines.

More Revenue with Less Cost for Pay-per-Click Advertising Campaigns – Finding more keywords that potential customers use, “widens the net,” capturing more revenue for your organization. Proper keyword selection stretches your organization’s advertising budget by connecting your bid prices to the most qualified customer base. Advanced Keyword Research may also find keywords with low competition that bring your company additional traffic with little additional effort.

Avoiding common Keyword Research pitfalls!

By avoiding the following pitfalls your organization can take advantage of benefits of keyword research that commonly derail many companies’ efforts.

Underestimating Importance of Keyword Research in B2B markets

The top 10 websites in the search engines for any given keyword search query utilize advanced Internet Marketing techniques and specifically optimized their site for those keywords. 80% of Internet users never look past the first 10 search results in a search engine.

Basing Research on Free Keyword Tools

Overture’s data is highly biased, and introductory free versions of Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery are free for a reason. These keyword research tools provide only a tiny glimpse into the amount of keywords available for your Internet Marketing campaign.

Underestimating Total Quantity of Keywords

For a variety of reasons, companies usually underestimate potential keywords for their industry that may prove useful. Using trained keyword specialists avoids the possiblity of “insider thinking” limiting the reach of your Internet Marketing campaign.

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