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Local Search Optimization is the process of increasing the number of visitors to a website by ranking locally for certain keywords and keyword phrases in search engines. Businesses show up on a map as a marker giving the visitor a visual as to where the business is located. By clicking on the marker more information and contact details can be found.

Your customers consider many of these scenarios as they make a buying decision:

  • Long-distance shipping may be cost-prohibitive
  • The service is best performed locally
  • A local provider has help nearby if there are problems
  • Travel distance if a face-to-face meeting were necessary
  • Local knowledge of the area etc.

Outrank Your Competition In Local Results

You don’t have to be as big as your competitors to outrank them in the new local results. You just have to be savvier about how those results are achieved. If you are, you will be more likely to get the first opportunity to make the sale, get more reviews, be talked about in social media, and linked to in articles which will further increase your lead over the competition; and all this happens without extra cost. It is just a natural by-product of being understanding how the local search engine marketing principles work.

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Key Elements of Local Search

Local search methods to build an advantage over your competition include:

Companies who are able to recognize and improve upon the following key elements of search engines’ local ranking methods, will build advantages which are increasingly difficult for competitors to overcome.

Local search algorithms are constantly changing. Websites that once ranked well don’t necessarily have the best information. The local online presence must be constantly monitored and tweaked in order to be competitive locally.

  • Focus on your geographic area
  • Relevant keywords and keyword phrases
  • Placement within the correct categories
  • Fully completed profiles that match other webs’ presences
  • Images, videos, and reviews

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