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Mobile is here, and your customers are using it

Over the next 3-5 years, we’ll see unprecedented growth in mobile and device usage. As an aggressively growing company, you need to be ahead of your competition and lead your market. Consider these facts:

  • 60 million smartphones in the USA today
  • $15B in Apps sales in 2010. Predicted to be $35B by 2014
  • $15 Billion in iPad sales the 1st in the first 5 months of 2011
  • 72% of the USA workforce is mobile
  • Between 2013 (Gartner) and 2015 (Morgan Stanley) mobile web usage will exceed PC usage
  • 70% of executives under 40 consider mobile their primary communications tool

Some industries have already adapted and are reaping the benefits. If you are an International company, many regions such as Asia are on the leading edge of this wave of mobile use and the need is likely even more critical.  If you are a small, purely industrial company with low growth aspirations, you may delay going mobile for a max of one year. COMPANIES THAT START THINKING MOBILE FIRST NOW, WILL WIN IN THE FUTURE. Let’s discuss your business goals and how mobile can improve your web presence.

But my customers aren’t using devices to research my company

Think again, and review these questions with your internal team:

  1. How many visitors come from a mobile device each month? Typically, with our B2B clients, they average 10% mobile traffic depending on the market and their customer base.
  2. What is the mobile device of choice?
  3. What pages do these mobile users visit most frequently? Think about your device usage and how you search differently on a mobile device. Secondly, consider the types of results you get from your search engines when on a mobile device. Can you cater better, or is more information more important to these users?
  4. What does your current website look like on the most popular mobile devices?
  5. What are the advantages of integrating offline and traditional advertising with mobile? Are you actively using QR codes for tracking? What does that experience look like from end-to-end? Are you sending users to a non-mobile friendly page? How can this process be improved?

Now the question isn’t ‘if’, it’s when. Even in more complex B2B sales, discovery, research and decision making is being performed on mobile devices.

mobile site process

3 Options for building your Mobile Website

The ‘Mobile Friendly’ website

Ideal for small businesses with little mobile need

Review mobile searches, and pull out ‘obvious’ information and access that users might need. These are typically condensed versions of your existing site in under 10 pages. Lower investment costs that can assist in ‘keeping’ potential customers engaged.

Responsive Web Design

Best for Most B2B Businesses

Although a larger investment, implementing a response website design will increase longevity and convert your entire website on any screen size. Instead of identifying a device type, responsive web design utilizes screen widths and organizes your content and pages based on layouts that are optimal for that screen width. Removing ads as you get to tablet size, reorganized navigation for mobile devices, content hierarchy, separation of content and style are just some of the ideas considered when developing or converting your website with a responsive design.

Fully Functioning Mobile Platform and App Development

Ideal for Fortune 500 and Large Enterprise Needs

Ideal for ecommerce, larger companies, and unique business models. This mobile platform is the equivalent of your business model built for a mobile device. Typically, these are custom developed platforms integrated with your own ERP systems and databases that provide a complete solution. This is also developed with the inate characteristics of mobile devices built in (location tracking, social media, custom developed applications).

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Ready to Go Mobile?

Let’s discuss how mobile solutions can improve your bottom line through better customer service, usability and an improved overall experience with your company. Call (866) 731-2271 or contact us today to discuss the right mobile marketing strategy for your business.

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