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B2B Pay-Per-Click Advertising that Increases Your Sales Leads While Decreasing Your Cost Per Lead

You can control who sees your ad, when they see it and how much you will pay.

Google Ads, Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), or search engine marketing provides B2B companies with the opportunity for nearly instant traffic and a completely testable marketing campaign. However, most B2B advertisers are losing their shirt on pay-per-click advertising while a select few rake in the sales leads and profits. Do you know what the difference is between their campaigns? Truth be known, anyone can create a PPC campaign. It’s not hard but creating a profitable PPC campaign in competitive B2B markets is very difficult and requires a wealth of experience learned the hard way.

Here are some of the major benefits of using Pay-per-Click advertising:

  • High, measurable ROI for your advertising dollar. Most B2B companies get well over 300% ROI if they sell high-dollar products
  • Traffic is targeted four ways:
    • Keyword phrases
    • Ads
    • Landing Page
    • Follow up email or marketing automation
  • Results are instant and flexible. A new campaign can be set up and running in a couple of hours

Paid advertising is the best online market research possible.

Within a few weeks, you can get exact data on how many people are searching for your products, what the cost of advertising success will be, and the ability of your website to convert that traffic to leads. Doing that with SEO can take 10 to 20 times longer and waste thousands of dollars if you are optimizing for the wrong keywords.

This all sounds great, but smart business people ask “how much does this cost and who controls the budget?” The right answer is that you set a monthly budget, and then divide it up into a daily limit for Google to spend. Once your budget is gone for the day, your ads go too. Actually, Google spreads your ads through the day once it figures out how long your spending will last.

This sounds relatively simple – a company could just assign this to a marketing team member and be done, right? About 90% of B2B advertisers are losing money when they manage Adwords themselves. Without professional assistance or investing the time to become Google qualified, you can burn through a lot of cash and have very little to show for it.

Target Your Ads

The power of targeting your ads and setting your budget, you have control over many other advertising options. Some of the most important are:

  • Geographic area your ads will cover
  • Language
  • Ad extensions to place your phone number, important web pages, and more in your ads
  • Just search results pages or be included on hundreds of sites in Google’s “content network
  • Time of day to run your ads
  • Ad rotation for testing
  • Keyword matching options (broad, exact, phrase and negative)
  • Automated bidding algorithms based on what actually works to bring you leads

Landing Pages

One of the keys to success is where that “destination” URL sends your traffic. Over 85% of companies still send the traffic to their home page and let the visitor figure out where to go. Top performing campaigns send that traffic to a “Landing Page” made specifically to support the short list of keywords and matched exactly to the ad. It shouldn’t be a surprise that these landing pages can convert up to 500% higher than just sending traffic into your home page.

To summarize, we recommend that most companies start with Pay-Per-Click advertising to figure out what’s going on in their online market. Doing SEO to get high rankings without the market research that comes from Pay-Per-Click is usually not a wise investment. Pay-Per-Click will provide most companies an extremely high ROI, providing it is run correctly and constantly improved to convert the “clicks” to leads.

Your company has too much at stake to trust sales to a computer.

Our custom pay-per-click services stand out from the new wave of companies using automatic software to manage campaigns. Does an algorithm know when to use long or short copy? Does a program know the subtle differences between selecting keywords or does it just analyze results?

Our Google-certified B2B Pay-per-click specialists stay on the cutting edge of search engine marketing manually, with industry connections, research and testing to give your campaign a personalized approach.

Your B2B PPC campaign will include:

  • Air-tight system of analytics and tracking, creating compete accountability for your pay-per-click advertising campaign
  • Testing of your site for errors and barriers to conversion
  • High-performance landing pages tailored to your campaign to maximize lead conversions
  • Testing of landing pages and your website
  • Constant monitoring and adjustments based on volume
  • Consulting to get the rest of your website working as well as your newly-tuned PPC ad campaign.

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Frequently Asked Questions

B2B search engine optimization (SEO) is a specific type of online marketing tactic/service that can help a website of a B2B business gain more traction in order to increase their search engine rankings on Google, Bing, etc. What differentiates B2B SEO from B2C, is that for B2B SEO keywords focus on specific words and phrases that business/vendors search. A B2B SEO agency like WSI B2B Marketing can provide you with leading B2B SEO solutions.

Yes, with the right SEO strategy your B2B business will not only improve its search engine rankings, but it will also expand its online reach, and build trust for your brand. There is no better way to show potential B2B vendors that your company is knowledgeable and can deliver the services needed, than having a website and online marketing content that is easy to find and trustworthy. WSI B2B Marketing is a leading B2B SEO agency that can help B2B companies. Contact their team for services.

The cost of SEO services depends on the B2B SEO agency and the services and payment model they offer. The average monthly cost can range from around $750 to $2,000, while hourly rates can go from $85 to around $200. For entire projects, prices range from $5,000 to $25,000 and up. Reach out to B2B SEO agency WSI B2B Marketing for more information and services.

A B2B SEO agency can increase your brand’s online presence and help attract potential leads to your company’s website. By increasing your search rankings and visibility, businesses will get more clicks and users to their site and can increase sales opportunities. An SEO agency like WSI B2B Marketing provides a range of online marketing solutions. Contact them to learn more and improve your online presence today.

Basically, B2B lead generation services will locate customers looking for the specific services/products that you provide and lead them to your website or e-commerce platform. Lead generation is vital not only for marketing teams but for B2B sales as well. B2B SEO agency, WSI B2B Marketing, provides lead generation and other SEO services designed specifically for B2B operations. Contact their team today to get started.