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Google AdWords Update – Quality Scores – Click Prices

July 17, 2006

I was particularly troubled in mid July to see Google Adwords keywords being inactivated within my various ad campaigns.

Google alerted me within the control panel that new bid prices were required to re-activate these keywords. The new bid prices were anywhere from 100-1000% higher than previous bids.

I was looking through most of my campaigns, and noticed this happened for mostly low-cost keywords of the $.05 and $.10 variety. However, I have heard from other Adwords users that this happens for keywords of up to $1.00.

This would be a signal that Google is trying to clean up the PPC ads to match their organic results. This is not a good sign for those "panning for gold" by scooping up cheap keywords. such as those worthless "top 8" sites that so obviously violate Adwords TOS, that I am amazed they still slip through. It might also reduce some of the "Adsense-ready turnkey site" manure pushers, fleecing naive folks trying to get into marketing via the Internet.

For those with a business plan that extends beyond pay-per-click arbitrage, they should ride through just fine.

Adjusting to the New Google AdWords Update

Stay the Course

Google is always screwing around with their algorithms, so let's focus on what we can do.

Outsource Your PPC Campaign

How busy is your day? Do you have time to keep an eye on the idiosyncracies of Google's AdWords campaign? Even if you did have time, would you want to?

Your company may wish to consider outsourcing your pay-per-click advertising campaign. This allows you to take advantage of your core competencies, and leave the complexities of Internet Marketing to those wierdos who truly enjoy it. You would be surprised exactly how affordable it is.

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