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How to Improve Your B2B Website Conversion Rate

July 21, 2021

How well does your B2B website convert visitors into sales?

Improve your B2B website conversions

Your B2B Website will perform many functions. If created correctly it should do them all well. The main roles should be:

  • Presence on the web for existing and potential customers
  • Sales catalog/shopping cart of your products and services
  • Sales tool for your sales department

The most important responsibility of a B2B website is to convert leads into sales. Far too often we see websites, some new and recently designed, that don’t take this task into consideration.

Successful Marketing Starts with a Plan

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, why would you start your marketing without one?

Start Your Free Blueprint

This is a list of 'must haves' that will improve your B2B website conversion rate

  • Phone number in upper right of every page
  • Contact forms in-line on all pages
  • Multiple contact options (contact forms, phone numbers, click-to-call, links to social media pages, etc.)
  • Evident primary call to action
  • Strong on-page calls to action
  • Clear sales paths
  • Maximum content above the fold
  • Descriptive tagline
  • Images/media to support sales message
  • Descriptive and persuasive copy
  • What is 'unique' and 'what you do' on the home page
  • Use Google analytics

If you need help designing and setting up your B2B website or improving your B2B website conversion rate contact us today to talk to a Internet Marketing Specialist.

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