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The Power of Sales Tests and Assessments

December 2, 2021

Our company helps clients get more traffic and have their websites convert better but traffic is expensive… and difficult… and inconsistent. We know that over time a good marketer can create many more victories and a positive ROI, but the greatest ROI boost most companies can make is to make better use of what they have.

Here is an illustration: let’s say that gets 10,000 visitors a month at the eventual cost of $1 per and converts 5% to leads (500 leads). Out of those leads, 10 percent buy their widget (50). The cost per sale is $200.

Bluewidgets uses online sales assessments or tests to analyze their sales team and finds one member of the team isn’t suited for the job but would rather serve the company better in another position. They then use the same sales test to find a new team member who is a perfect match.  The combination of losing an underperformer and gaining a superior performer bumps the closing rate to 15%.

The cost per sale drops all the way to $133.33 – a 33% decrease of cost for every sale coming in through that online channel.

Your online marketing team could and should be able to squeeze the maximum profitability from your web page, but incredible boost in productivity and profitability can be made by getting the right players in the game at the right position.

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