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Benjamin Wiese is the General Manager for WSI B2B Marketing, managing the day to day operations, developing client strategies, and managing new projects and campaigns. Starting with the company 10 years ago as Director of Web Development, he has a history of building attractive, interactive websites that communicate the client’s message and, at the end, deliver results.

Today, he works directly with businesses to understand their market, customers, and brand to develop strategies and ideas that impact a company’s top line revenues through lead generation, conversion rate optimization, and positive user experiences.

Realizing in third grade that he wanted to be a graphic designer, combined with a passion for excelling, he got his start building websites in high school, back in the mid-90s. He became infatuated with the idea of what was created could be shared and interacted with someone halfway around the world.

Of course, that is the short version, some other life highlights that have helped shaped Ben:

  • A semester abroad in Tasmania studying photography
  • Internship on campus developing websites for online education
  • Living in the ‘magazine world’ of destination marketing
  • Building an arsenal of early web marketing techniques
  • Developed an internal web design firm with over 25 clients
  • Becoming a sponge around the successful bosses and stealing all of their good habits
  • Before settling into Kansas City and starting a family, he went on ‘hiatus’ and camped across the American west with his beautiful wife, creating a lifetime of stories and amazing memories

Don’t forget an exciting move half-way across the U.S. to Charleston, a brief stint as art directing at an outdoor ad agency, and finally coming into settle into what he does best – delivering results on the internet for great clients.

When not being a ‘computer-geek’ with a fine arts degree, he loves traveling, playing music, being outside, camping, and playing with his three amazing daughters.

Fun Quote:

Don’t tell me what your values are, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what your values are.

Ben Wiese

Contact Ben

Email: ben{at}wsib2bmarketing.com
Direct Line: 866-731-2271 ext. 5

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