Bayou Metal Supply

Bayou Metal Supply is a distributor of Aluminum and Stainless-Steel pipe, sheets, and a wide array of related products. They specialize in supplying marine grade products but also sell into broader markets. Bayou has traditionally been mostly a regional company in the Gulf Coast, but with paid advertising and specialty marine products they have expanded nationwide. They partnered with us in 2021 to help them grow two companies, one focused on the commodity metal supply and another doing high tech metal fabrication for shipbuilding and heavy industry.

Driving Digital Transformation: Bayou Manufacturing's Journey to Success

Since partnering with Bayou Manufacturing, a leading provider in the maritime industry, we've embarked on a journey of digital transformation aimed at revolutionizing their marketing approach. Our initial objective was to enhance their online presence and streamline their sales processes, leveraging the power of digital marketing to drive growth and efficiency.

Notable Highlights:

  • Paid advertising generating high quality leads at $22/lead
  • 5x traffic increase to 10k+/month
  • Increased close rates with automated quote follow-up
  • Partner approach & company knowledge has led to tremendous success and a trusted relationship.

The Challenges

Bayou Manufacturing faced a dual challenge: a limited online presence that garnered a mere 1,500 visitors per month and a sales process in dire need of modernization. Their goals were clear: significantly increase web traffic and implement a more efficient, automated sales process to support their outside sales representatives (OSRs).

Our Solution

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy encompassed several key components:

  1. Marketing Automation: The introduction of the Constant Contact Lead Gen marketing automation system marked a pivotal turn in our strategy. By automating the quote follow-up process, we not only streamlined a critical aspect of the sales funnel but also laid the groundwork for further enhancements. Currently, we are developing tools to empower OSRs with sales task reminders and automated workflows, maximizing efficiency and focusing their efforts on closing sales.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We initiated an aggressive SEO campaign aimed at expanding Bayou Manufacturing's online footprint. From a modest beginning of 1,500 monthly visitors, we've surged past the 10,000-visitors-a-month milestone through consistent, high-quality SEO content and strategic off-page tactics. This achievement underscores the importance of SEO as a long-term strategy and highlights the fruits of persistent, dedicated effort.
  3. Traditional Marketing Support: In anticipation of the Workboat Show '24, we've provided comprehensive support to ensure Bayou Manufacturing's standout presence. From booth design and messaging to graphic support and video production outlines, our efforts span the gamut of traditional marketing, ensuring Bayou's brand shines at this pivotal industry event.
  4. eCommerce Development: Recognizing the growing importance of online sales in the manufacturing sector, we embarked on an ambitious eCommerce specification project. Our planned four-phase approach over the next three years is designed to fully transition Bayou Manufacturing into the eCommerce space. The introduction of a customer portal will allow access to billing information, live inventory, and customizable fabrication options, marking a significant leap towards digital transformation.

Google Ads Done Right is Very Profitable

Once they had a great PLAN and the website basics in place, we knew there was a huge opportunity for getting in front of potential customers with Google Ads and related online advertising.

Bayou Metal Supply agreed to a three-month test period of a modest volume of Google Ads focused on their high profitability marine aluminum metal products from sheets to tubing. The ads program included custom setup and an aggressive fine-tuning period to optimize the campaign. Remarketing added the extra dimension that really lowered the cost per lead. Product focus was adjusted throughout the campaign to optimize profitability.

Inbound Marketing with SEO to Complement the PPC Google Ads

We also helped Bayou Metal Supply grow their web visibility in search engines to drive the right kind and volume of traffic from organic sources. Within one year, traffic was dramatically increased just from basic SEO work with them.

The Results

The collaborative efforts between Bayou Manufacturing and our team have yielded remarkable results. Not only has web traffic increased exponentially, but the implementation of marketing automation and the ongoing development of their eCommerce platform are set to redefine how Bayou engages with its market. As we continue to support Bayou Manufacturing through traditional marketing efforts and prepare for future initiatives, the journey ahead promises even greater achievements.


The case study of Bayou Manufacturing proves our strategy and partnering approach can lead to digital marketing success in the manufacturing industry. Through a blend of innovative strategies, including marketing automation, SEO, traditional marketing, and eCommerce development, we've laid the foundation for sustained growth and efficiency. As we build on these accomplishments, our partnership with Bayou Manufacturing is poised to set new benchmarks for digital excellence in the sector.

Bayou before


Bayou after


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